William Kitson was born in about 1540 of Claverley. He married Alice. Alice died and was buried 6 November 1585 in Claverley.

Alice Kitson burial

Burial record for Alice Kitson in Claverley: "Alse the wyfe of Wyll Kitsone was buried the vjth of November"

William died and was buried 30 September 1608 in Claverley.

William Kitson burial

Burial record for William Kitson in Claverley: "Wyllyam Kitsone was buried the laste daye of September anno dom 1608"

William and Alice had the following children:

*1. Francys, (female) born about 1560 of Claverley; married Roger White 28 February 1581 in Claverley; buried 13 February 1640.

2. William, born about 1567 of Claverley; married Alice Lee 16 July 1592 in Claverley.

3. Richard, christened 23 December 1569 in Claverley; married Agnes Ridge 6 November 1608 in Claverley; buried 26 June 1611 in Claverley.

Sources: IGI; Claverley parish register.

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