Matthew Wood was born in about 1528 of Pattingham, Staffordshire. He married Agnes. His occupation was husbandman.

Matthew is mentioned in a land transaction in Pattingham in 1601: "On October 18th, 44 Eliz, he was noticed thus: “Roger Howlott, by Thomas Hardwyck, of the Great Moor, and Matthew Wood, of Patyngham, surrendered a cottage, garden and orchard to the use of John Hardwyck, son of Thomas Hardwyck, of the Moor, his heirs and assigns for ever, and he was admitted.” (The Reliquary, vol 23)

Matthew died and was buried 16 February 1614 in Pattingham:

Matthew Wood burial

"Mathew Wood husbandman was buried the xivth day of Ffebruary the yeare above".

Matthew and Agnes had the following children:

*1. Alis, born in about 1548 of Pattingham; married Jhon Clempson 2 October 1568 in Pattingham, shown as "daughter of Mathewe Wood" at her marriage.

2. Elyzabeth, christened 19 January 1561 in Pattingham. 

3. Roger, christened 27 September 1563 in Pattingham.

4. William, christened 22 May 1568 in Pattingham.

5. John, christened 26 August 1570 in Pattingham.

6. Anne, christened 23 February 1572 in Pattingham.

7. Frauncis, christened 4 March 1575 in Pattingham.

8. John, christened 13 May 1579 in Pattingham.


Other early Woods in Pattingham were:

Only one Wood family is listed in a census taken in 1532-3 in Pattingham. This is the family of John and Agnes Wood in the townland of Copley in Pattingham. A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3 shows:

John Woode, Agnes, uxor eius (his wife), Richard, James, Elizabeth.

Matthew is not shown, but it is possible he is not born yet. James is listed, so Roger and Thomas his brothers may also be part of this family.

SOURCE: Pattingham parish register; Lichfield and Coventry will index on 


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