John Smith was born in about 1560 of Wombourn, Staffordshire, the son of John Smyth and Anne. John married Margaret Addams 27 June 1582 in Wombourn, and his occupation was yeoman.

John Smith marriage

Marriage record for John Smith and Margaret Addams in Wombourn:
"John Smith, Margaret Addams were married the 27 of June 1582"

In A History of Staffordshire, it is mentioned that "John Smith had 130 sheep and lambs worth £53 in 1638". He also  had a windmill: "There was a windmill in Blakeley field south of Wombourne in 1612; it was held by John Smith and was known as Hills mill in 1635. It was evidently rebuilt on the same or a nearby site west of Green Hill by Edward Smith before 1655." In 1637 "John Smith of Womborne" was a churchwarden.

 John died and was buried 23 June 1638 in Worfield. He left a will, written 18 April 1638, and proven 11 September 1638. In his will he is shown as "John Smyth the yonger of Womborn". The will names:

John Smith will

Will of John Smith, junior

In the name of God Amen the eighteengh daie of April in Anno Dom 1638, I John Smyth the yonger of Womborne in the County of Staff, gent, being weake in bodye but of a sound mind a pfect memory (thanks be to God) do make and ordaine this my last psent testament and last will in mannr and forme following (that is to saie), first I commend my soule into the mercifull hande of Almightie God my maker and Redeemer hopeing assuredlie by the infinite mercies and mediaton of Jesus Christ my only Saviour to be made an inheritor of everlasting life. And my bodie to be buried in Christian burial. And as concerning my worldly goods what God in his mercie and wisedome hath bestowed upon me & dispose of them in manner and forme following (that is to saye) my ffinal expences being discharged and my debts paid, I doe hereby give and bequeath unto Elizabeth, Edward, Sara, Richard,, Margaret, Thomas, Ithiel, and Anne Smyth my naturall sonnes and daughters  ffortie pounds a peece, to be given unto them respectively as they shall accomplish their respective ages of twentie five yeares. And if it shall soe please God that any of my said children shall decease before they shall accomplishe their said ages or age of twentie five yeares than an such case happening my will is that the person or persons of him, her or them soe deceaseing shall e and remaine to the rest of my children to bee equallie devided amongst them. Item I give unto my daughter Mary & wife of John Walson eight pounds to be paid unto her when one yeare next after my decease. Item, I give unto Margaret Watson daughter of the saide John and Margaret his wife eight pounds. Item I give unto my sonne John Smyth twentie pounds. Item I will and devise unto my loving wife Margaret Smyth all my lande and tenements with the appurtances situate lying and being in the parish of Wombourne aforesaid being in mortgage unto Ithiell Smart. For the paymt of a certain some of money for and during the terms of eight yeares next ensuing after my decease and she shall continue a widdowe and doe duly paie yearly unto the said Mr. Smarte the rent charged upon the said lande and tenements, and doe allow duely payment unto John Smyth the elder and Anne his wife my ffather and mother their annuities during their naturall lives and the life of the survivor of them for thei mainenace and livelehoods. And I doe make and ordaine my saide wife soe executor of this my last will and testament desireing her truly to performe the same in all things according to my true intent and meaning unto whom I give and bequeathe all the remainder of goods, cattels and chattells (heire loomes excepted) which shall remaine after my debts and legacies be paid and discharged for and towarde bhe pferment of herself and my children. And I doe appointe John Bradeley of Nether Penn, and William Perry of Broughton my loving faithfull ffreinde overseers of this my will and testament desireing them to be dutiful and ____ unto my executrix concerning the overseeing of my estate unto whom I bequeath ten shillings a peece. In wittnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the daie and yeare abovesaide.

John Smith

Wittnesses to this will and testament

Edward Smith

John Watson

John Smith signature

John Smith's signature on his will

Margaret Smith signature

Margaret Smith's signature on an administration

John and Margaret had the following children:

*1. Elnor, christened 17 April 1588 in Wombourn; married Richard Meredith 19 February 1609 in Wombourn; not named in father's will, must have died between the birth of her last child in 1621 and her father's will in 1638.

Elnor Smith baptism

Baptism record for Elnor Smith in Wombourn:
"Ellnor Smith the daughter of John Smith was baptized the 17th of Aprill 1588"

2. Edward, christened 6 November 1589 in Wombourn; buried 13 December 1589 in Wombourn.

3. Elizabeth, christened 11 November 1590 in Wombourn.

4. Edward, christened 2 September 1592 in Wombourn.

5. Katherine, christened 13 September 1594 in Wombourn.

6. Elizabeth, christened 18 November 1596 in Wombourn; mentioned in father's will of 1638.

7. Richard, christened 14 September 1598 in Wombourn; mentioned in father's will of 1638.

8. Margaret, christened 29 March 1600 in Wombourn; mentioned in father's will of 1638. 

9. Robert, christened 6 August 1602 in Wombourn.

10. Mary, mentioned in father's will as the wife of John Watson.

11. John, mentioned in father's will of 1638.

12. Sara, mentioned in father's will of 1638.

13. Thomas, mentioned in father's will of 1638.

14. Ithiel (male), mentioned in father's will of 1638, probably named for the vicar, Ithiel Smart.

15. Anne, mentioned in father's will of 1638.


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John Smyth was born in about 1540 of Wombourn, Staffordshire, the son of Robert and Margarett Smyth. He married Anne. John and Anne had the following child:

*1. John, born in about 1560; married Margaret Addams 27 June 1582 in Wombourn; died and was buried 23 June 1638 in Worfield, leaving a will.

SOURCES: Worfield parish register; will of John Smith, junior on


Robert Smyth was born in about 1520 of Wombourn. He married Margarett Woodhouse. Margaret was born in about 1520 of Wombourn, the daughter of Walter and Joan Woodhouse.

Robert died and was buried 16 February 1592/3, leaving a will written 6 February 1592, and proven 9 April 1593.

Robert Smith burial

Burial record for Robert Smyth in Wombourn

Margaret died and was buried 19 May 1594 in Wombourn.

Margaret Smith burial

Burial record for Margaret Smith in Wombourn

Robert's will mentions:

Robert Smyth

Will of Robert Smyth, 1592

In the name of God Amen Anno Domini 1592 the 19 day of Ffebruary, I Robart Smythe of Womborne of the dioces of Coventry & Lichfield, sicke in bodye but whole & perfecte in memorye praysed  be to God, doe make and ordeyne this my laste will & testament in manner and forme followinge, that is to saye, firste I geve and beueth my soule to Almightye God my only Savioure and redeemer and my bodye to be decently buryed in the churche of Womborne when God shall apoynte the time at the discretion of my executors. Item my will is that my ffunerall expenses beinge discharged and my detts payde further of my whole goodes. I geve and bequeathe to Margarett my welbeloved wife thirteen pounds and my beste bedde with all the ffurniture that there unto belongeth and the ___ during hir lyfe. Item I geve and bequethe to Alice Mannsell my daughter and to every one of hir children cid apiece unto of age lease that Robart Mannsell did signe imtp after ffoure years next yet to come. Item I geve & bequeath to Katherine Hirmans my daughter xxx & the second standing bedde and to Richard Shawe xxxd unto of a certen annuytye that John Hirmans hir husband payeth me yerely and to John Shawe one shipe. Item I geve and bequeath to Anne Tomkys my daughter one shipe and to Robart Sherwyn one shipe and to the two yonger children of John Sherwyn eyther of them xx apiece and John Sherwyn did owe me. Item I geve and beueth to John Smyth the sonne of John my sonne the lease of the heyes during the yeares yet to come and my best brasse pott and greate broohe. Item I geve and bequeath to Margery Lawe my daughter halfe all sure money as hir husbande doth owe me. Item I geve and bequeath to Robart Smyth my sonne xxx. Item I geve & bequeath to Margarett my daughter one shipe and to the three yonger children of John my sonne every of them a shipe. Item I geve and bequeath to every child that I have a silver spoone. Item I geve & bequeath to FFranncis Kempe xld & to Margarett Hodgette one shipe all the rest of my goods unbequethed. I geve and bequeath to be bestowed by the discretion of my overseers detts that are owinge unto me are these – John Button of Pen xxx. Thomas Shinglar xxx. Henry Smyth xxx to pay xx yearely for ffoure yeares. Symon Sturmy xxx. John Masse xxx, Mr Edward Hall of Sedgley xxx John Marsh of Over Gornall xxx, Henry Michell Naylor xxx, Humfrey Burnett xxx Thomas Simson xxx, Antony Hawkyns xxx, Richard Lawe xxx Henry Smyth xxx, William Smyth xxx, Dabie Jonnes xxx, Robart Mannsell xxx John Hirmans xxx. Detts that I doe owe to Richard Pratt my sonne in law xx. Item I make & ordeyne John Smyth my sonne and Robert Smyth my sonne my whole executors of this my laste will and testament to see it trewly pformed. Item I make my overseers Edward Woodhouse and Humfrey Smyth my brother, these being witnesses Humfrey Aston, clerk, Edward Woodhouse, John Hirmans, John Smyth & Robart Smyth with others.

Robert and Margarett had the following children:

1. Elynor, mentioned in grandmother's will of 1562.

2. Alice; married Robert Mannsell in January 1570 in Wombourn.

3. Katherine, married John Hirmans

4. Anne, married Mr. Tomkys

*5. John, born about 1540; married Anne.

6. Margery, married Richard Lawe 16 February 1589 in Wombourn.

7. Robart, occupation: yeoman; married Alice Hotchkin in 1587 in Wombourn; had a son, John (1592); will proven 12 May 1601.

8. Margarett

Robert also mentions his brother Humfrey Smyth his brother in his will. Humfrey had children Edward (1570), John (1572), John (1573), Richard (1574) and Elizabeth (1574).

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Other earlier Smiths in Wombourn were:

Robert Smythe will 1522

Will of Robert Smythe of Orton, 1522

In the name of God Amen, the iiijth day of the moneth of ffebruary, the yere of our Lord God 1522, I Robert Smyth of Orton in the coune of Stafford, husbandman, make my testament beying in hole mynde and memory nonthelesse seeke in body, after this manner, ffyrst I bequeath my sole unto Allmyghty God, and to his blessed mother Saynt Mary, and to all the holy host of hevyn and my body to be buryed in the church yerd of Saynt Bennedict of Womborn. Item, I bequeath my mortal goods after the custome. Item, I bequeath to our  Lady ye Virgin that xvid for of to be payde out of my … Item, I bequeath to the poore of Plandley iijs iijd. Item, I bequeath to … my … of ff  … iiijd to any one of them. Item, I bequeath to the hye alter for for gotten tythes xvjd. Item, I bequeath to Alice my daughter iij shepe or else a heifer which she wyll. Item, I bequethe to R___ a ewe and a lamb. Item, I bequethe to Thomas Bradshaw chapleyne and Robert Ovys iijd. Item, I bequeath to William Salt my taking at Womborn and he shall paye my iij doghters to be devyded amongst them by evyn porsons to … Also I will that Thomas my sone have my wayne … yoke pleynes, plowes and harrowes & ij iron broches with all my iron stuff belongying to my howse except my little brochs to my wyff. Also I will that Thomas my son have my grete pott & the pott at his howse and all the leydds in my …paying ysfor oyth to his iij systers when they do marye by evyn porcons. Also I will be brought home out my whole goods & my detts payd of the hoole.  Also I wyll that Agnes my wyff and my iij daughters when maryed have my goods that be unbequethed. Also I wyll Maude my daughter have her owne besters at my howse & they to .. in the same pte. Also I wyll that if itt happen that any of my children do dye then her parte shal go to my two other children. Any if any two dye I wyll that bothe the pts go to the … a prest to synge for all … sowles in the church of Womborn. And if it so happen that they dye all as it please God that then the halfe of that goods to remayne to the making of our Ladye she harrer if they do make it. If nott to remayne to the pste & ffor the pformance of this my present testament well and truly to be pformed and kept. I make for my executors Thomas Bradshaw, Robert Crose & Thomas my son. These beying witness Robert Banastes now presatt at Womborn, Stephen Wodhowse & humfry ffehall and dyvers others, being at Orton ye day and the yere above sayde.

SOURCE: Will of Robert Smythe, 1522, on; Wombourn parish register; will of William Smith, 1581; will of Joan Wodhows, 1562.

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