BENJAMIN MECHAM was born in about 1695 of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. Benjamin had the following children:

1. Anne, christened 9 September 1722 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.

2. John , christened 14 May 1724 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.

3. Benjamin, christened 19 February 1725 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton; buried 26 December 1734 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton. 

4. Elizabeth, christened 31 October 1727 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.

5. Frances, (daughter), christened 2 August 1729 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton; buried 16 August 1729 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.   

6. Mary, christened 20 March 1731 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.

7. Joseph, christened 26 May 1733 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton; buried 11 July 1733 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.

*8. Sarah, christened 4 August 1735 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton; married Thomas Meredith 6 May 1756 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.

Sarah Mecham baptism

                                    Baptism record for Sarah Mecham in St. Peters, Wolverhampton

9. Michael, buried 16 September 1738 in St. Peter's Wolverhampton.

10. Benjamin, who must have been born after the first son, Benjamin, died in 1734; married Ann Morris 5 December 1769.

Benjamin Meacham died and was buried 28 October 1782 in St. Peter, Wolverhampton.

Benjamin Mecham burial

                        Burial record for Benjamin Mecham in St. Peter, Wolverhampton


SOURCES:; St. Peter's Wolverhampton parish register at, and online at

                                                                                                           THE MEACHAMS OF WOLVERHAMPTON

No christening record has been found in Wolverhampton or nearby parishes for Benjamin Mecham. There were other Mechams having children in the same time period as Benjamin, and some of these may be his brothers. Benjamin's children are born in the 1720s and 1730. John Mecham has children in Wolverhampton in the 1720s. Samuel Mecham has a child in the 1730s. Joseph, Richard and Edward (married Mary Beeby in 1742) Mecham have children in the 1740s. Anne Mecham has an illegitimate child born in 1717. Edward Mecham married Elizabeth Walker in 1726. There do seem to be many unrecorded births, and Wolverhampton had many dissenting churches. Perhaps the Mechams are recorded in one on these.

The name Meacham is also recorded in the Wolverhampton parish records as Mecham, Meecham, Meechan, Mechan, Micham, Mechum, Mechan, Machin, Mekin, Meakin, Metcham, and Meetcham.

There are two Mecham families who could be potential parents for Benjamin:

William Mecham, shoemaker, married Jane Ashwood in 28 January 1688. William and Jane had the following children:

1. Mary, christened 20 May 1691 in Wolverhampton.

2. John, christened 6 April 1693 in Wolverhampton.

William died and was buried 1 December 1695 in Wolverhampton.

John Mecham, laborer, married Margery Adams 14 January 1677 in Wolverhampton. John and Margery had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, christened 18 June 1682 in Wolverhampton.

2. Sarah, christened 26 March 1685 in Wolverhampton.

3. John, christened 10 November 1687 in Wolverhampton; died 1687 in Wolverhampton.

4. Margaret, christened 16 February 1690 in Wolverhampton.

5. Ann, christened 21 January 1693 in Wolverhampton.

6. John, christened 28 November 1695 in Wolverhampton.

7. Edward, christened 3 November 1700 in Wolverhampton; married Elizabeth Walker 27 December 1726 in Wolverhampton, St. Peter.

John died 23 September 1727 in Wolverhampton. Margery died 28 November 1729 in Wolverhampton. 

Both William and John are sons of Edward Mecham, shown as "of this towne", who was a tailor. Edward married Sara Lawrence 3 August 1636 in Wolverhampton.

Edward and Sara had the following children:

1. Edward, buried 21 February 1638 in Wolverhampton.

2. Edward, christened 13 April 1641 in Wolverhampton.

3. William, christened 30 March 1644 in Wolverhampton; married Jane Ashwood 1688; buried 1695.

4. Richard, christened 8 November 1646 in Wolverhampton.

5. John, christened 19 July 1650 in Wolverhampton; married Margery Adams 1677 in Wolverhampton; died 1727 in Wolverhampton.

Edward, the father, died and was buried 10 December 1654 in Wolverhampton.

Edward Mecham burial

Edward Mecham's burial record in the St. Peter Wolverhampton parish register: "Edward Mekin was buried the tenth day of December".

One other Mecham had a child in this time period - William, who had a son named William who was born and died in 1640. This William may be Edward's brother.

SOURCE: St. Peter's Wolverhampton parish register online at


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