John Green is believed to be the son of William Green and Esther Bruff, christened 16 April 1770 in Trysull, Stafford, England. Extensive research in and around the parish of Claverly supports this. Trysull is a parish adjacent to the parish of Claverley, where John Green married and raised his children. For information about the research leading to this conclusion, click here.

John Green married, and became a widower. He then married Sarah Meredith on 7 August 1796 in Claverley. The register reads: 

John Green marriage 1796


August 7 1796
John Green, widower and Sarah Meredith, spinster by Thos. Shaw Hellier, Minister
Witnesses: William Crowther, Edw. Ball


The History of Claverley gives this interesting information about the marriage: "Thomas Shaw, L.L.B., assumed the name of Hellier 1786 (Shaw-Hellier of Wombourn) was also imcumbent of St. John's Wolverhampton and of Tipton, signed the register once in 47 years.  He paid to act in his stead curates and officiating monisters John Marsh, Richard Dovey, Henry Bromwich, Joseph Morris, and John Glover." The one time he signed the register was at the marriage of John Green and Sarah Meredith.

Sarah was christened 22 September 1760 in Worfield, the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Meredith. She had an illegitimate son prior to her marriage. He was James Redey, christened 7 May 1788 in Claverley. John and Sarah then married and had two sons. Sarah was buried on 4 April 1830 in Claverley. John was buried a few months later, on 7 August 1830 in Small Heath, Claverley.

John and Sarah had the following children:

1. John, christened 10 November 1799 in Claverley; buried 23 December 1800 in Claverley.

*2.William Henry,  born 1 January 1809 in Wolverhampton, Stafford; christened in February 1809 in Penn, Stafford; married Mary Bennett Thomason on 20 July 1830 in Kingswinford, Staffordshire; died 5 December 1878 in Pleasant Grove, Utah; buried in Pleasant Grove. 

William Henry Green baptism 1809

William Henry Green baptism in the Penn parish register: "William son of John and Sarah Green Feb 5th" 1809


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William Green was christened 28 August 1723 in Trysull, the son of John and Elizabeth Green. He married Esther Bruff 27 August 1764 in Trysull.

William Green marriage

Marriage record for William Green and Esther Bruff in Wombourne

He was listed in the marriage record as being of Trysull. She was christened 23 May 1748 in Wombourn, Staffordshire, the daughter of Sarah Bruff. William and Esther had the following children:

1. John, christened 28 March 1767 in Trysull.

*2. John, christened 16 April 1770 in Trysull. 

John Green baptism 1770

Baptism record for John Green in Trysull: "Bap. John Son of William and Esther Green ---April 16th" 1770


SOURCES: Trysull parish register, FHL# 1040886; Wombourn parish register FHL# 1517739; IGI.


John Green was born in about 1678 of Pattingham, Staffordshire, most likely the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Green. He married Elizabeth in about 1710. John was a baker by occupation. A settlement certificate exists for John and Elizabeth's move from Pattingham to Trysull in 1718:

John Green settlement certificate

John and Elizabeth Green settlement certificate

To the church wardens & overseers of the poor of the parish of Treasel in the County of Stafford, & as well to the inhabitants thereof,
We the church wardens & overseers of the poor of the parish of Pattingham and County of Stafford who have hereunto put our hands & seals do hereby certify & owne & acknowledge John Green, baker, his wife Elizabeth and theire issue to be legally settled in our parish of Pattingham aforesaid. And if the said John Green or any of his doe became pore and chargeable to the said parish of Treasel aforesaid then we will receive them into our said parish of Pattingham except he gains a settlement else where. Given under our hands & seals this 5th day of August in the fourth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George.
Signed & delivered in the presence of Ffrancis Taylor, Samuel White, William Dovey, churchwardens

The settlement certificate showed that they moved from Pattingham to Trysull in 1718, yet all of their children were christened in Trysull from 1712 on. Perhaps Trysull was their family parish, and they returned to have the children christened. In 1718, they settled in the hamlet of Seisdon, parish of Trysull. John died and was buried 9 May 1730 in Trysull. Elizabeth "widow of John Green" died and was buried less than a month later, on 4 June 1730 on Trysull, leaving young orphaned children.

John and Elizabeth Green burial

Burial records from the Trysull parish register for John and Elizabeth Green

John died without a will, so an administration was created in behalf of John Green, late of Seisdon, on 18 June 1730, naming William Fradsley, butcher, of Pattingham in the County of Staffordshire, as their guardian.

John Green intestate page 1

Administration for John Green 1730

The next document, in Latin, said that Thomas and John Green of Seisdon appeared personally before the court as children of Elizabeth Green, widow, deceased. Both were minor children. At this time, Thomas was not yet eighteen years old, and John was sixteen years old. William Fradsley was named as guardian for "Johannis, Richardi, Wm, Ffrancis, Elizabethe et Marie" the children of Elizabeth Green.

John Green admin 1730

Guardianship for the children of John and Elizabeth Green, 1730

An inventory was created on 14 May 1730, after John had died, but while Mary was still living.

John Green inventory 1730

Inventory for John Green, 1730

An inventory of all & singular ye good & chattells of John Green late of Seisdon in ye County of Stafford, baker, taken & appraised by us whose names are under written ye ffourteenth day of May Anno Dei 1730.

Imprimis, a mare & ye sadle & bridle & such things   4-10-0

Two cows   6-10-0

Ffive pigs   2-15-0

Peas upon ye ground   1-10-0

Muck   0-08-0

In ye house at Seisdon: a dresser of drawers & pewter panne  1-001-0

The pewter 14 dishes at 4s a piece, some plates, a fflagon, a gun, a tankard & other old pewter  4-00-0

The brass, 3 pots, 3 ketles, 2 warming pans, 3 candlesticks, a basting spoon & 2 pans  2-10-0

The irons about ye ffire & 3 pots, 3 spits, 2 driping pans & a spare grate in ye parlour   2-5-0

A clock & case   2-5-0

Two tables, 3 join chairs, some stools & chairs   0-14-0

A lanthorn, tin pans, a pair of bellows, 2 pails, 2 ganns, 2 doz trenchers & noggins  0-14-0

In ye parlour, an oval table, a livery cupboard, a chest & some pictures   0-14-0

In ye chambers, ffive ffeather beds with ye appurtenances   15-0-0

Two chests, 2 trunks, a coffer & several boxes   2-10-8

Ye linen, 8 pr of ffine sheets & 10 pr of coarse   6-00-0

22 ffine napkins & 18 coarse   1-01-0

Table cloths, pillowbiers & towels   0-15-8

In ye kitchne & buttery, tubs, barrels, a churn, cheesvats, sieves, searces, kneading tubs & such things   3-10-0

Houshould pvision & some old books & odd things   3-05-0

A great wheel & 30 lb of yarn   1-15-0

In ye house by ye heath side in ye parlour, a pr of bedsteads & hangings, a chest livery cupboard, a table, a coffer & a trunk   1-06-6

In ye little parlour, two pair of bedsteads   0-17-0

In ye brewhouse, a ffurnace, a marmer a morter & pestil   0-17-0

A spitt, a driping pan, a chair & 2 shelves    0-04-0

In ye chambers, 3 ffeatherbeds, ffive bolsters & 4 pr bedsteads   1-18-0

Nine coffers, a wheel & some old armour   1-00-0

Ffive pewter dishes, 2 plates & 11 trenchers   0-08-00

In ye millhouse, a mill & a cheesepress   0-04-6

In ye workhouse, a pair of bedsteads, 2 coffers, 2 tables, two fforms & many trumpery things & impliments of husbandry   1-20-0

Money owing for bread & other small debts   13-19-3

Money upon a mortgage   105-10-0

Money in his pocket & wearing apparel   05-00-0

Things fforgotten & out of sight   00-02-0

Total   196-08-1

Ffrancis Taylor

Joseph Stokes

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Thomas, christened 26 June 1712 in Trysull.

2. John, christened 1 May 1714 in Trysull.

3. Francis (male), named in administration of father in 1730. 

4. Richard, christened 3 April 1718 in Trysull.

5. Elizabeth, (twin) christened 2 October 1720 in Trysull.

6. Marey, (twin) christened 2 October 1720 in Trysull.

*7. William, christened 29 August 1723 in Trysull; married Esther Bruff 27 August 1764 in Trysull.

William Green baptism 1723

Baptism record for William Green in the Trysull parish register: "Baptised William the Son of John Green and Elizabeth is Wife - August 28" 1723


Who was William Fradgley, and what was his relationship to John and Elizabeth Green? He is called William Fradsley within John Green's administration, but signs the document as William Fradgley. His signature matches the signature of William Fradgley in his will of 1757. William Fradgley, butcher, of Pattingham mentions wife Frances, daughter Mary the wife of William Wheeler, daughter Jane, daughter Anne, and son John, also brother-in-law Richard Trantor. William was buried 9 October 1755 in Pattingham. There are christening records in Pattingham for the children of William and Frances Frodgley: William (1727), Mary (1728), Jane (1730), Ann (1733), Margret (1740), and John (1744). It is possible that William was Elizabeth's brother. The name is shown in the Pattingham register as Fradgley, Frodgley, Froddesley, and Freddesley.

The only William Fradgley christened in or near Pattingham was William Frodgley, christened 26 May 1676 in Wellington, the son of William and Jane Frodgley. Wellington is a Shropshire parish about fifteen miles north of Pattingham. This William did have a sister Elizabeth, christened 10 August 1678 in Wellington. It seems likely that this is our Elizabeth.

SOURCE: Trysull parish register FHL# 1040886; IGI; administration and inventory for John Green, 1730, on


No christening record has been found for John Green in Pattingham or surrounding parishes, but the only family having children in the right time period were Thomas and Elizabeth Green of Pattingham. Thomas was born in about 1660 of Pattingham.

Thomas died and was buried 12 August 1683 in Pattingham.

Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:

*1. John, born about 1678 of Pattingham; married Elizabeth Frodgley; buried 9 May 1730 in Trysull.

2. Mary, christened 5 September 1680 in Pattingham.

3. Joan, christened 5 November 1682 in Pattingham.

SOURCE: Pattingham parish register.

Other Greens are found in the Pattingham parish register:

In a census taken in 1532-3, called A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3, one Green family is listed in Pattingham:

Thomas Grene, Joan, exor eius, Catherine, Alice, Richard, Roger, Jeffrey, Alice, parentes

This shows Thomas Grene, his wife Joan, children, Catherine, Alice, Richard and Roger, and Thomas' parents Jeffrey and Alice.


Thomas Grene was born in about 1500 of Pattingham. He married Joan. Thomas died and was buried 28 January 1565 in Pattingham.

1. Catherine

2. Alice

3. Richard married Agnes.

4. Roger


Jeffrey Grene was born in about 1475 of Pattingham. He married Alice.

Jeffrey and Alice had the following child:

1. Thomas, born in about 1500 of Pattingham; married Joan.

SOURCES: Pattingham parish register; A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3.

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