Steven Gibbons was most likely the son of Steven Gibbons and Margerie Granger of Trysull, Staffordshire, as they were the only Gibbons family having children in the area in the right time period. Steven (junior) married Marie Southwicke 6 June 1610 in Tettenhall.

Steven Gibbons marriage

Steven Gibbons and Marie Southwick marriage in the Tettenhall parish register

Steven must have died between about 1620 and 1627, as he is not mentioned in his father's will.

Steven and Marie had the following children:

1. William, christened 27 February 1613 in Tettenhall, Staffordshire; married Mary Granger June 1637 in Trysull. 

*2. Mary, born in about 1620 of Tettenhall; married John Davies 9 Mar 1642 in Tettenhall.


SOURCE: Tettenhall parish register; Trysull parish register;




Steven Gibbons was born between 1558 and 1562 of Trysull. Steven married Margerie Granger 21 January 1579 in Trysull. He was a yeoman farmer. Margerie, wife of Steven Gibbyns, was buried 14 February 1603 in Trysull.

Margerie Gibbons

Burial record of Margerie Gibbons in the Trysull parish register

Steven left a will written 20 January 1627 and proven 15 July 1634.

Stephen Gibbons will

Will of Stephen Gibbons, proven 1634

William my sonne

Rychard my sonne

John my sonne

John Worwood my sonne in lawe

Elyzabeth Worwood daughter to John Worwood

Ales Worwood, doughter

Steven Gybbyns

Will of Stephen Gybbyns, 1558

The parish register for Trysull began in 1558, but the pages before 1572 are torn and difficult to read. The image below is from the torn part of the register shows an entry for:

September ij    Steven Gi

This is most likely the burial register for Stephen Gibbons on 2 September 1558 in Trysull.

Steven Gibbons 1558

Since there were no other Gibbons family in the early records, Steven (born circa 1560) is likely the grandchild of Stephen Gybbyns, and the son of William, Rychard, or John. Steven may not have been born before his grandfather's will was written, as he is not named in the will of 1558. John Gibbins is shown in the burial register in 1590, along with his wife Jonne, who was buried in 1585. No baptismal records are found for the children of William, Rychard or John in the Trysull parish register. Rychard and William are not found in burials in the Trysull parish register which shows burials from 1570 on. John would seem to be the most likely father for Stephen (1560).

Stephen and Elizabeth must have been born in about 1490. Stephen was the son of John and Alice Gibbons of Trysull, who were likely born in the mid-1400s..

Stephen and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Agnes

*2. John; mentioned in father's will of 1558; married Jonne; buried 30 July 1585 in Trysull.

3. Alice, married John Worwood; mentioned in father's will of 1558.

4. Elizabeth

5. William; mentioned in father's will of 1558.

6. Richard; mentioned in father's will of 1558.

SOURCES: Will of Stephen Gybbyns, 1558; A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3.


John and Alice Gebyns were listed in A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3 in Trysull.

Stephen Gebyns, Elizabeth, uxor eius, Agnes, John, Alice, Elizabeth, William, Richard, John, Alice, parentes.

They are listed as "parentes" or parents of Stephen Gebyns in Trysull. They may be living with Stephen and his family, or they may be his deceased parents. They are not listed as a separate household. Stephen was born in about 1475, so John and Alice were born in about 1450 of Trysull.

John and Alice had the following child:

*1. Stephen, born in about 1475 of Trysull; married Elizabeth; died in about 1558 in Trysull; left a will written 17 September 1558, proven 24 January 1558/9.

SOURCES: A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3.

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