John Taylor was born in about 1670, of Kinsley Wood in the parish of Tettenhall, Staffordshire. He married Sarah Davies 17 December 1691 in Tettenhall, Staffordshire.

John Taylor and Sarah Davies marriage

 Marriage record for John Taylor and Sarah Davies in Tettenhall: "John Taylor & Sarah Davies both of Wrottsley were married December the 17th" 1691.

Sarah was christened 7 February 1668 in Tettenhall, the daughter of John Davies and Mary Granger. John died and was buried 27 September 1724. He is listed as John Taylor "of the Werggs", a townland in Tettenhall. The Wergs are described as "the land had not been cleared from the forest, and the valley of the Penk, which flows through the Wergs, was at that time a dense forest, infested by criminals and wild animals". Werg is an old Anglo-Saxon work for wolf. Sarah died just three days later 30 September 1724 in Tettenhall.

John and Sarah Taylor burial

Burial record for John and Sarah Taylor in the Tettenhall parish register.

John and Sarah had the following children:


*1. Esther (or Hester), christened 7 May 1699 in Tettenhall, married Richard Bruff 24 February  1719 in Tettenhall. 

Esther Taylor baptism

 Baptism of Hester Taylor in the Tettenhall parish register: "Hesther the Daughter of John Taylor of Kinsley Wood was
 Baptized May the 7th". 1699

 2. William, christened 16 March 1700 in Tettenhall.

SOURCE: IGI; Tettenhall parish register.



There is no christening record for John Taylor in Tettenhall parish, but there are only two Taylor families having children during the right time period. They are the families of Samuel Taylor of Tettenhall, and John Taylor of the Wergs. Either could be John's father.

Samuel Taylor married Anne, and had the following children:

1. William, christened 6 March 1663 in Tettenhall, "of ye Wergs".
2. Anne, christened 10 September 1665 in Tettenhall, "of Tetnall".
3. Mary, christened 10 December 1668 in Tettenhall, "of Tettenhall".
4. Elizabeth, christened 15 March 1673 in Tettenhall, "of Tettenhall".
5. Samuel, christened 30 November 1677 in Tettenhall, "of Tettenhall".

Anne, wife of Samuel Taylor, died and was buried 26 April 1696 in Tettenhall. Samuel "of Pentford, Senr." died and was buried 3 February 1715 in Tettenhall.

John Taylor had the following children:

1.Anne, christened 21 March 1666 in Tettenhall; "of the Wergs".
2. Elizabeth, christened 5 July 1674 in Tettenhall; "of the Wergs".

Margaret Tayler, widow of the Wergs, died and was buried 25 January 1710 in Tettenhall. She is most likely John's wife, as she is of the Wergs and is the only possible Taylor widow at the time.

Both Samuel and John of the Wergs are the sons of Thomas and Mary Taylor.

Thomas Tayler was born about 1610 of Tettenhall. He married Mary Phippes 29 September 1631 in Tettenhall. Mary is the daughter of Richard Phippes, and was christened 27 March 1602 in Tettenhall.

Thomas Taylor and Mary Phippes marriage

 Marriage record for Thomas Taylor and Mary Phippes in Tettenhall

Thomas and Mary had the following children:

*1. John, christened 25 November 1632 in Tettenhall; married Margaret.
2. Anna, christened 2 February 1634 in Tettenhall.
*3. Samuel, christened 15 December 1639 in Tettenhall; married Anne.
4. William, christened 20 February 1642 in Tettenhall.
5. Richard, christened 25 June 1646 in Tettenhall.
6. Elizabeth, christened 4 April 1653 in Tettenhall.

Thomas "of Kings Tettenhall, sawyer" died 11 December 1656 in Tettenhall.

Thomas Taylor burial

Thomas Taylor burial record in the Tettenhall parish register: "Thomas Taylor of Kings Tettenhall Sawyer was buried upon Thursday the 11th day of Dec 1656.

Mary, as a widow of Tettenhall, died and was buried 16 September 1659 in Tettenhall.

Mary Taylor burial

Mary Taylor burial record in Tettenhall: "Mary Taylor of Tettenhall widdow was buried the 16th day of September 1659."

Other Taylors are found in the early Tettenhall parish registers:

Thomas Tayler married Johanna Woodason 6 May 1621. They had the following children:

1. Johanna, christened 10 October 1622 in Tettenhall.
2. Letiza, christened 29 February 1623 in Tettenhall.
3. Thomas, christened 17 January 1625 in Tettenhall; married Elizabeth; of Tettenhall Regis; occupation: husbandman; had child William, christened 14 November 1658 in Tettenhall.

Thomas then married Alicia Cawdall 20 January 1626 in Tettenhall. Alicia, wife of Thomas Tayler "de Wergs" died and was buried 8 December 1646 in Tettenhall.

4. Maria, christened 15 March 1626 in Tettenhall; buried 31 May 1627 in Tettenhall.
5. Henry, christened 29 March 1629 in Tettenhall; buried 2 January 1683 in Tettenhall.

John Tayler had the following child:

1. William, christened 20 February 1605 in Tettenhall.

John (Johannes) died and was buried 9 December 1625 in Tettenhall.

Thomas Tayler married Anne Norris 2 February 1608 in Tettenhall. 

Johana Tayler, wife of Thomas Tayler, was buried 31 January 1630 in Tettenhall.

In even earlier record, the family of Thomas Taylor is found in the record A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3. The list for Tettenhall shows Thomas Taylor, deceased wife Joan, and children William, Anthony, Agnes and Eleanor.

Thomas Taylor, *Joan, William, Anthony, Agnes, Eleanor.

SOURCE: Tettenhall parish register; www.findmypast; A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3.


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