No christening record has been found for Elizabeth Garrett in Trysull or Kinver, but her brother-in-law, Richard Sturmey married Jane Garrett 29 October 1594 in Kinver. Thomas Sturmey married Elizabeth Garrett 21 February 1603 in Trysull after his first wife died. Garrett is not a common name in Trysull, and it is likely that Thomas married his sister-in-law's sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth is likely the daughter of Robert Garrett and Anne Comber, who are the only family having children in the parish at that time.

Robert Garrett was born in about 1540 of Kinver, Staffordshire. He married Anne Comber 31 January 1561 in Kinver. Anne was the daughter of William Comber and Joan Hacket of Kinver.

Robert Garrett marriage

Marriage record for Robert Garrett and Anne Comber in Kinver:
"The laste of Januarye were maryed Robert Garrett and Anne Comber"

Anne died and was buried 18 May 1592 in Kinver. Robert died and was buried 10 February 1593 in Kinver. He left a will proven 26 June 1594 and is listed in the will index naming his son William as his executor.

Robert Garrett will index

Lichfield will index entry for Robert Garrett of Kinver, naming William his son (euis filius) as the executor for his will.

Robert and Anne had the following children:

1. Alis, buried 11 December 1562 in Kinver.

2. Joane, christened 16 September 1563 in Kinver.

3. Rychard, christened 26 February 1564 in Kinver.

4. William, christened 12 December 1567 in Kinver; died 1621 in Kinver, leaving an inventory naming him as "of Stourton".

*5. Elizabeth, born in about 1570 in Kinver; married Thomas Sturmey 21 February 1603 in Trysull.

6. Robert, christened 29 September 1572 in Kinver.

7. Jhoane (Jane), christened 10 September 1574 in Kinver.

Other earlier Garretts in Kinver parish were:

Johne, the wife of Thomas Garrett was buried 29 September 1566 in Kinver. Possibly these were Robert's parents.

SOURCES: Kinver parish register; Trysull parish register; Lichfield will index.

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