William Turner was christened 10 October 1613 in Eastnor, the son of Richard and Ann Turner. He married Alice.

            Tax 1665

Hearth Tax 1665, Eastnor

William Turner and John Webley are both listed next to each other on the Hearth Tax in 1665 in Eastnor. William was mentioned in John Webley's will of 1665, as owing John a debt: "William Turner, a couple of capons and 3s. 4d.".

William and Alice died and were buried the same day, 1 February 1675 in Eastnor.

William and
            Alice Turner burial

Burial record for William and Alice Turner in Eastnor:
"William Turner & Alice his wife buried Febr: 1st"

William and Alice had the following children:

1. Jone, christened 25 March 1631 in Eastnor.

*2. Anne, christened 25 July 1634 in Eastnor; married John Webley 7 November 1667 in Eastnor.

Anne Turner baptism

Baptism record for Anne Turner in Eastnor: "Anne the daughter of William Turner & Alice his wife bapt July 25"

3. Elizabeth, christened 20 April 1638 in Eastnor.

SOURCES: Eastnor parish register; Hearth Tax 1665, Eastnor.


Richard Turner was christened 18 September 1569 in Eastnor, with no parents listed. He is most likely the son of William Turner and Ellen Lye of Eastnor. Richard married Ann.

Richard Turner baptism

Baptism record for Richard Turner in Eastnor:
"Richard Turnor was baptised xviij of Septemb 1569"

Richard was mentioned in the will of Rowland Braunch of Eastnor in 1636, when Rowland "did declare his nuncupative will, in manner following: viz. being told that if he died his wife would be but little the better for him, he said he would give unto her all that he had, save only his wearing apparel which he would dispose of at his pleasure and said that he would give of the apparel to Edmund Turner of Eastnor a doublet, a pair of boots, his hat and a band, and
to Richard Braunch his brother all the rest of his clothes, which he declared in the presence of John Baldwin and Richard Turner."

Richard created a nuncupative (verbal) will in 1639: "A Richard Turner, probably him, is mentioned in a number of the manor court rolls for Godwyn's or  Old Court manor in Eastnor. In 1630 he was in possession of a certain amount of land, but by July 1638 he seems to have sold it all to Richard Reed. A later document shows Edward Turner, probably his son, living in a house owned by Richard Reed (documents in private hands). When Richard Turner died he left everything to his wife Anne 'being a lame woman' for her maintenance and made her his executrix. She declined to administer the estate, perhaps because of her infirmity, in favour of their son Edward."  (

Richard Turner of Eastnor, 1639
Memorandum that upon the 26th day of May AD 1639 Richard Turner of Eastnor, being sick in body but of good and perfect memory, God be praised, declared by word of mouth his last will and testament in manner following. And he being demanded how he would dispose of his goods answered that he would and did give and leave his goods and cattle and all that he had unto his wife Anne, being a lame woman, to maintain her.
In the presence of John Gorway, John Vaughan and others.

14 June 1639. Anne Turner renounced the office of executor and the administration of the goods of Richard Turner to Edward Turner his son.
Inventory total £40 3s. 6d.
(Ref: Herefs. RO 51/3/17)

Richard and Ann had the following children:

*1. William, christened 10 October 1613 in Eastnor; married Alice; buried 1 February 1675.

2. Edmond (Edward), christened 12 March 1616 in Eastnor; married An.

SOURCES: Eastnor parish register; Will of Richard Turner, 1639.


William Turner was born in about 1540 of Eastnor, the son of Thomas and Alice Turner. William married Ellen Lye 10 February 1564 in Eastnor.

            Turner marriage

Marriage record for William Turner and Ellin Lye in Eastnor:
"1564 William Turnor & Ellin Lie were maried the xth of Ffebruary1564"

William is mentioned in the will of Robert Aston of Eastnor in 1572, in a list of debts Robert owed: "Item to William Turner, 16s. 8d.". William was also mentioned in the will of John Elcox of Eastnor, yeoman, in 1587: "William Turner of Eastnor oweth me £3 or else the use of the meadow called Kydley meadow for three years about". William was mentioned in the will of Edmund Underwood of Eastnor in 1589, as owing a debt to Edmund: "Item William Turner, 6d". He is also mentioned in the will of John Webley of Eastnor in 1592, as owing a debt: "Imprimis William Turner oweth me 15s. 6d.". William is mentioned in the will of Robert Danford of Eastnor in 1593, as owing Robert a debt: "Item William Turner, 23s.".

William and Ellen had the following children:

1. Franncis, christened 13 September 1567 in Eastnor.

*2. Richard, christened 18 September 1569 in Eastnor; married Ann; died 1639 in Eastnor.

3. Alice, christened 27 January 1571 in Eastnor.

4. Mary, christened 4 February 1573 in Eastnor.

5. Dorothye, christened 30 April 1576 in Eastnor.

SOURCES: Eastnor parish register; will of Thomas Turner, 1585.


Thomas Turner was born in about 1510 of Eastnor. He married Alice. Thomas was a yeoman farmer.

Thomas was mentioned in the will of Roger Tarte of Eastnor in 1564: "Item I give unto Thomas Turner of the Wey Yend [Way End] in Eastnor my second best coat. Item I give unto my godson Turner, 4d.".  Thomas was described as being of Way End in Eastnor: "Way End on the Tewkesbury road was probably the largest settlement in the parish until the mid 19th century." (The Victoria History of Herefordshire: Eastnor)

Thomas left a will dated 1575. His will mentions his wife Alice, son William, and also John Turner and Elinor Turner. John and Elinor's relationship was not specified, but may be siblings.

Thomas Turner of Eastnor, yeoman, 1575
In the name of God amen. I Thomas Turner of Eastnor in the county of Hereford,  yeoman, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following: First I bequeath my soul into the hands of almighty God my saviour and redeemer, my body to be buried in Christian burial. Item I give to John Turner a black cow, to Elinor Turner a red cow, to every one of my godchildren 12d. Item I give to Alice my wife 6 oxen, 2 kine, 4 small beasts, 4 sheep and swine, 2 iron- bound wains with all the tack thereto belonging. Also I give to my wife all my corn in the barn and growing in the field, 4 bushels excepted which I give to William Turner my son, 3 bushels of muncorn, and to my godson Francis a bushel of muncorn. All other my goods movable and immovable unbequeathed I give unto Alice my wife whom I make my sole executrix.  The copy of this will was made the 19th day of October AD 1575 in the presence of these witnesses John Fawpe of Cradley, Richard of Whitburne, William Fawpes, Thomas James, George Gregge, William Andros, with others, in the aforesaid year
(Ref: Herefs. RO 42/1/29)

Thomas and Alice had the following child:

*1. William, born in about 1540 of Eastnor; married Ellen Lye 10 February 1564 in Eastnor.

SOURCES: Will of Thomas Turner, 1585; Eastnor parish register.

Earlier Turners:

Only two Turners are found in the Muster Roll for Eastnor in 1539, Roger Turnor (who had a gleive (lance) and dagger), and John Turnor (who had a bow and sheaf of 24 arrows) to provide defense for the town.

            muster roll     Eastnor muster roll 1539

Roger was also listed in a calendar of probate records:

"Roger Turnor of Eastnor, 1539/40  At a court held on 5 June 1540 at Pencombe the will of Roger Turnor of Eastnor was proved. Administrator: Agnes his relict". John died before 5 June 1540.

Agnes may be the Anne Turnor mentioned in the calendar in 1545:

"Anne Turner of Eastnor, 1545 At a court held on 15 October 1545 in the Deanery of Frome, the will of Anne Turner of Eastnor was proved. Administrator: Robert Holder and Gabriel Williams. Inventory: £4 13s 11d."

Either Roger or John could be Thomas' father.

SOURCES: Herefordshire probate records on; The Herefordshire Musters of 1539 and 1542, M.A. Faraday.