Nicholas Hacket was born in about 1480 of Kinver, Staffordshire. He married Constance. Nicholas and Constance were listed in A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3, taken in "The Paroche of Kynver the feste of Sent Margett" 1532.

Nicholas Hacfott, Constance, uxor eius, Agnes, Ellen, Thomas, William, John, Richard, John, Joan, Alice, Elizabeth, Agnes, Edward, Anna, Margaret.

The Hacket family are listed in the townland of Whittington. Next door in the small townland (of six families) is the Mowsley family: "William Mowsley, Alice, Agnes, uxores eius, Agnes, Ellen, Robert, Constance, John, Humphrey, Anna, Joan, Alice." This is the only other mention of a Constance in all of Kinver parish in the 1532 list. It is possible that William and Alice Mowsley are Constance Hacket's parents.

Nicholas was also mentioned in the will of his son-in-law William Comber in 1535. The will also mentioned Nicholas' son Thomas.

Nicholas and Constance had the following children:

1. Agnes

2. Ellen

3. Thomas, mentioned in will of his brother-in-law William Comber, 1535.

4. William

5. John (may have died young)

6. Richard

7. John

*8. Joan, married William Comber.

9. Alice

10. Elizabeth

11. Agnes

12. Edward

13. Anna

14. Margaret

SOURCES: Kinver parish register; will of William Comber of Kinver, 1535; A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3.

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