John Flight was born in about 1620 of Lewknor, Oxfordshire, the son of John Flight. His occupation was "practitioner in physick", or a physician.

John died and was buried 27 January 1669 in Lewknor.

John Flight burial

Burial record for John Flight in Lewknor:
"John fflight practitioner in physick buried 27 January 1669"

John did not leave a will, but other probate records were created at his death. These records were an administration bond, inventory, and administrator's account. John son, John Flight junior was named as the administrator for his estate, and the administrator's account mentioned "Grace, Susan and Ann daughters of the said deceased John Flight". Each daughter was left £80. The account also mentioned John junior's two brothers: William and James.

John Flight admin acct

Administrator's account for John Flight of Lewknor

The accompt or declaration of the accompt of John Fflight of Nethercourt in ye pish of Lewkor Gent the naturall & lawfull sonn of John Fflight late of Nethercourt in ye said pish of Lewknor in the County & Dioceses of Oxon intestate & ____ of all & singlar the goodes & chattels of the said decd made  & rendered & upon the accont of ye said goodes & chatells before ye right Hon Henry Alwork Dr of ye lawe & vicar and all & prinsipall Comissery of the ___ of Oxon the vith day of April in the yeare of our Lord God 1670.

The Charges

Imprimis his accoumpt: chargith himself with the full value of all & singlar ye goods & chatells of the said deceased which according an inintory thereof made & exhibited & now remaining in ye Constistory Court of ye said ___ of Oxon amounteth to ye sum of 249:11:9
Suma oneris pater
Out of which sum of 249:11:9 this accoumptant orderth allowance of & for the severall sumes hereafter memonsd by him necessarilty paid or to be paid & expended.

The Discharge

Imp this accompt: travel allowance of 1:6:0
& for ye funeral expenses of the said decd  008:10:0
Item to be paid for wood 001:10:6
Item to be paid to Ralph Cowper of Postcombe  001:02:6
Item paid to Richard Cournish 000:12:0
Item the Accomptant travill allowance of & for one lease he hath alled to his Brother William Fflight valued in the inventory
Item he Accomptant travell allowance of & for eightie pound a peece allowed to Grace, Susan & Ann daughters of the said Decd John Fflight by this Accompter: toto 240:00:0
Item this Accomptant travill allowance of & for the sum of 120:0:0 & and allowed by him to his Brother James Fflight 120:00:0

                Flight inventory

Inventory for John Flight of Nethercourt in Lewknor

An inventory was taken for John's estate:

A true and perfect inventory of the goods chattels and cattle of John fflight senior of Neithercourt in the parish of Lewknor in the County of Oxon late deceased praysed by us which are subscribed as ffolloweth, viz.

Goods in the chamber over the Hall
Imprimis his wearing apparel six pound; Item a high bed and furniture and a trucklebed five pound two shillings; Item a presse to hang clothes in eighteen shillings; item a chest and a chaire eight shillings.

Goods in the hall

Imprimis two little tables and six joint stooles sixteen shillings; Item three low stooles and an old count: cobberd and four cushings twelve shillings.

Goods in the chamber over the seller

Imprimis an old bed and furniture thirteen shillings and sixpence
Item a chest and two boxes and two old forms eleaven shillings

Goods in the chamber over the kitchin

Imprimis xxx, apples, woolle, hopps, and yarne, one pound nineteen shillings; Item an old bedstead, a bed and a pillow five and thirty shillings

Goods in the ground chamber next to ye kitching

Imprimis an old bedstead and furniture thereunto belonging one pound seaventeen shillings and sixpence; Item two old chests nine shillings

Goods in the Kitchin

Imprimis four old chaires, two old stooles and an old table six shillings and sixpence; Item two tablecloths, tow pillow bears and a dozen of napkins thirteen shillings and four pence
Item nie paire of sheets and one old one two pound twelve shillings; Item brasse and peawter three pound twelve shillings; Item a brewing vessel one pound six shillings
Item a boulting witch and a grainer one pound five shillings
Item a salting trough five shillings

Goods in the milk-house

Imprimis for cheese and cheesepresse, and milk vessel and shelves and dressens two pound six shillings; Item an old plough and plough tackle, and an old cart and cart wheeles two pound five shillings; Item a maltmille with some old lumber fifteen shillings; Item one paire of andirons, one paire of dogg irons, a fire shoule and toungs, thee iron bangers, one gridiron, a tosting iron, a pair of bellows nine shillings and three pence; Item a drag chaine with other old iron eleaven shillings; Item one bushel wait two shillings; Item three stores and a hogg three pound five shillings; Item four flitches of bacon two pound fourteen shillings; Item fire wood five pound; Item three cowes a bullock, and hey twelve pound thirteen shillings and four pence; Item an old horse one pound ten shillings

Goods in the barne at home

Imprimis for wheat seaven pound ten shillings; Item for barley five pound; Item for pease one pound

Goods in the barne up in the towne

Imprimis for wheat three pound tenn shillings; Item for barly five pound; Item for pease one pound ten shillings; Item for wheat upon the gound twenty pound; Item three lands of ___two pound five shillings; Item land to be sowed in ye hilts two pound four shillings; Item land to be sewed in the gratten field eight pound tenne shillings
Item a lease of lives sixteen pound per annum
Item money due to the dowager upon severall obligations one hundred and twenty pound
Item other small trifles belonging to the house one pound.

The mark of Georg fflight senior

George flight junore
These are the praysens of the inventory of the party deceased.

John and his wife had the following children:

1. John, married Anne; buried 11 April 1695 in Lewknor.

2. William

*3. Grace, married Richard May 11 April 1670 in Oxford St. Clement, Oxfordshire; buried 27 December 1672 in Lewknor.

4. Susan

5. Ann

6. James

SOURCES: Lewknor parish register;; probate records of John Flight of Lewknor, 1669; will of John Flight of Lewknor, carpenter, 1635;


John Flight was born in about 1590 of Nethercourt in the parish of Lewknor, Oxfordshire. He was a carpenter.

John died, leaving a will dated 1635:

John Flight
                will 1635

Will of John Flight, carpenter of Nethercott, in Lewknor parish, 1635

To all Christian people to whom these psente writeings shall come John Fflight the elder of Nethercott in the parish of Lewkenor in the County of Oxon carpenter soundeth greeting in our Lord God everlasting know yee that of the sd John Fflight the elder as well in consideration of the naturall love and affection which I beare forwards John Fflight my sonne and of the fatherly care which I have of his pferment and advancement as for divers other good causes mee hereof perially mooveing have given granted and confirmed. And by these psents doe absolutely and freely give grant and confirme unto the said John Fflight my sonne all my goods & chattels moveable and unmoveable living and dead whatsoever you all or specially in whose hands soever or in what place soever within the Realme of England or alswhere and noneless my whole title and estate and terme of yeares whatsoever in any of them to have and to hold to the said John Fflight my sonne and to his heires executors administrators and assignes forever all my goods and chattels whatsoever to his and thie owne proven use and uses. And further by the sd psents I the said John Fflight the elder doe authorize my sonne John to take to the use of him and his assignes all or any of my said goods or chattels wheresoever they are to bee had or found: In wittnes whereof of the sd John Fflight the elder have not onely sett my hand and seale to these presents but with all have fixed at all peece of silver in my seale of the value of two pence and delivered with this as my art and deed one pewter dish to my sonne aforesaid given and dated the three & twentieth of January in the eleaventh yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland Ffrance and Ireland King defender of the faith Anno Dom 1635: The marke of John Fflight the elder sealed and delivered in the psence of John Phelpe Thomas Fflight

An inventory was taken for John:

                Flight inventory 1635

Inventory for John Flight of Lewknor, 1635

An inventory of the goods of John Flight the elder of Lewknor which he had in his possession the twentieth of Januarie Anno Domini 1635
Imprimis wearing cloathes
Item a bed with some furniture
Item brasse and pewter
Item lumber in generall 
Item graine
Sum tot 4l 7d

John Flight and his wife had the following children:

*1. John, buried buried 27 January 1669 in Lewknor.

SOURCES: Will of John Flight of Lewknor, carpenter, 1635;

Other early Flights in Lewknor:

  • Thomas Flight of Lewknor, who acted as a witness for John Flight in 1635, left a will himself in 1636. In the will he left a bequest to "my brother William Flight and to my cozen John Flight".
  • George Flight, laborer of Lewknor, left an inventory dated 1637.
  • William Flight of Lewknor left a will dated 23 January 1668, leaving a bequest of "all my land & house & goods both within ye house & without to be enjoy'd by John Flight ye son of Georg Flight" after the decease of William's wife Mary. There was a memorandum "That ye will of ye aforesaid William Flight was, that in case John Flight to whom he gives his house & lands after his wife deceased, die without heir begotten of his body, that then ye lease of ye house & land should be enjoy'd by Georg Flight his elder brother." This John and George were the sons of George Flight. "John Flight ye Elder of Nethercourt" was appointed as one of the overseers of William's will. This elder John must be our John Flight, who died about one year later.


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