Richard Cok (Cooke) was born in about 1490 of Cleobury Mortimer. He married Margaret.

Richard is found on the Tax Subsidy list for Cleobury in 1525, with the value of his taxable assets:

Richard Coke iiii.Li on g. - ii.s

Richard died and left a will dated 1544:

In the name of God Amen, the xxj day of Januariy in the yere of owre Lorde God MCCCCCXLIIIJ, I Rychard Cok of Cleburie Mortymer in the countie of Salop within ye diocis of Herford beying sek in bodye & hole of mynde do make my last will & testamentt in thys manner folowyng, furst, I bequeth my soule unto Allmyghty God, owre blessyd Lady Sent Marie Virgyn & unto all the blessyd company of hevyn and my bodie to be buryed within ye churcheyarde of the seyd Cleberry Mortymer. Also I do geve & bequeth all my oxen, kyne, corne & hay within the berne or wythout beyng or growyng in ye fyldes or pastures & all manner of howsehold stof, beddyng, raymentt & all other of my moveabull goodes unto my wyff Margaret Cok & unto my son Rychard Cok for the kepyng of my seyd wyfe Marget Cok & mayntenance of my pore howse wold & tenement & forthymore I wyll that the lengger levar of my seyd wyfe Marget Cok and Rychard Cok shall have & injoy all my seyd goodes moveabull above expressyd to them & theyres for there labur & for there kepyng of me beyng so long byfor & lackyng of my syght. Also I wyll yt they shall pay off my dettes & bryng me to church to be onestly puryed as a pore man after ye manner & costom of the contray. Also I do geve & bequeth my son Thomas Cok my stone yt I was usyd to grynde berk & also I do geve & bequeth my seyd son Thomas Cok & my son Humfrey Cok a nacar of corne to be equally devydyd betwene them at harvyst. Also I wyll yt my sonelaw John Newall beyng wone of my executores shall have for every day yt he takes peyne, conferming my wyll for every days labur hys days wages & I do constytute, orden & mak to be myne executores my seyd son Rychard Cok & my sonelaw John Newhall to assyst, ayde, comfort & concell my seyd son  Rychard Cok & my pore wyfe Margaret Cok wych do lack worldly wesdam & polece in ys world to defende them in theyre rygth. Wytnes unto thys my last wyll - Sir Wyllyam Brodocke, vicare off Clebere & my gostly fader John Coke of Dudnyl, Roger Smyth alias Neyner & Thomas Kyng with others.

Richard and Margaret had the following children:

1. Rychard

2. Thomas

3. Humfrey

*4. Elizabeth, born about 1520 of Cleobury Mortimer; married John Newall.

SOURCE: Will of Richard Cok of Cleobury Mortimer, 1544.