William Comber was born in about 1510 of Kinver, Staffordshire. He married Joan Hacket, the daughter of Nycolas and Constance Hacket. William and Joan were listed in A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3, taken in "The Paroche of Kynver the feste of Sent Margett" 1532.

William Comber, Joan uxor eius (his wife), Anna.

William also had a brother, George Comber, who was mentioned in the will of William's son Thomas in 1557. William died in 1535, leaving a will dated 13 March 1534/5, and proven 26 July 1535. The will mentioned his daughter Anne, son Thomas, brother Thomas, and father-in-law Nycolas Hacket.

William Comber will

Will of William Comber of Kinver, 1535

In the now and the xiijth day of Marche in the yere of our Lord, 1534, I Wyllm Coumber, hole & pfectt in mynd albehytt syck in bodye make my testament in thys manner & forme, first I bequeath my sowle unto Almyghtye God to our Lady Saynt Mary & to all the hole company of heven & my body so buryd in the churchyard of Saynt Peter of Kynvare. Item, I bequeath unto the high alter…to the …of the church xiijd. Item, to my daughter Anne iij shypp & ij heyffrus. Item to my sonne Thomas iiij shypp & a heyfur. The residue of my goods I bequeath to my wyffe bryngyng & paying my detts. And I wyll yt my wyff & my brother Thomas be my executors & my father in law Nycolas Hacket being overseers. These beying wyttnes Syr Edward Hawys pryst Wyllm …, Phylypp Shypard with others on the day & yere above wrytten.

William and Joan had the following children:

*1. Anne, born in about 1530 of Kinver; married Robert Garret 31 January 1561 in Kinver; buried 18 May 1592 in Kinver.

2. Thomas, born in about 1531; left will dated 1556 and proven 1557, mentioning his mother, sister Anne Comber, his uncle George Comber, his brother (in law?) Jhon Sperrye, and his uncle Thomas Hacket.


William Comber (born circa 1510) listed his brother Thomas in his will of 1535. William's son Thomas mentioned his uncle George Comber in his will of 1557.

There is one other Comber family in Kinver listed in A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3: "William Comber, Joyce, his weyff, Thomas, Ellen, Anna, Richard...". The "..." indicates a lost part of the manuscript, so other children may be named for this family. This William left a will dated 1545 mentioning daughter Elnor, and Joyse "my wyff". Possibly these are William's parents, and William (jr.) and George are mentioned on the lost portion of the manuscript.

Mr. Comber had the following children:

*1. William

2. George

3. Thomas

Other Combers in early records include:

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