Mary Billingsley married Francis Frodgley of Wildicote on 15 July 1628 in Albrighton, Shropshire.

Mary Billingsley marriage

Marriage record for Francis Frodgesley and Mary Billingsley in Albrighton:
"Franncis Frodgesley of Wyldicote husbandman and Mary Billingesley daughter of Wyddow Billingesley of Standley
in the parish of Worefyeld were marryed the xvth day of July Anno Dm 1628"

Mary Billingsley was christened 21 August 1603 in Worfield, Shropshire, the daughter of William and Anne Billingsley of Stanlowe townland. William died in 1609, leaving his wife Anne a widow. His daughter Mary married Francis Frodgley when she was 25 years old.

There are several Billingsley families in Worfield. Mary's family are identified with Stanlowe (Standley or Standlowe). William's parents were also William and Anne, also of Stanlowe.

William Billingsley was born in about 1560 in Worfield, the son of William and Anne Billingsley of Stanlowe, Worfield. He married Anne. William was a husbandman like his father, in the townland of Stanlowe.

Both Williams are mentioned in the Worfield Court Roll for 1596: "Kingslow and Stanloe - The townships...present that William Billingsley senior and William Billingsley junior milled grain at a mill other than the lord's mill against the custom". They were fined two shillings.

William died in 1609, leaving an administration and an inventory. The administration, proven 26 July 1609,  names his widow, Anne, and children Thomas, John, William, Richard, and Mary. The inventory lists those who have borrowed money from William, including "William Billingsley of Standlow, his father".

William Billingsley admin

Administration for William Billingsley, 1609
"Administration for William Billingsley who lived in the parish of Worfield for Anna Billingsley widow of the deceased.
Anna is named administrator for minor children Thoma, Johis, Willmi, Rich: et Mariae Billingsley"

            Billingsley inventory

Inventory for William Billingsley, 1609

An inventory was created for William:

A true inventory of all and singular the goods and cattles of Willim Billingsley of Standley within the parish of Worfielde the Countie of Salope deceased had and taken the xiijth daie of Julie A.D. 1609

Imprimis towe kine prise – iiijli
Item one mare and part of towe nagges –iijli xjs viijd
Item tow small oxyne – xs
Item shipe yonge and oulde prise – vjli
Item geese pryse – xjs viijd
Item corne in the house and filde both rie barley and all other graine– vijli
Item inset goods as pottes panes and all other brasen stuff – xiijs iiijd
Item pewter – iijs iiijd
Item one joynede bedde – vs
Item one fither bede withal other kinde of bedinge – xls
Item payles loomes, barrels, dishes, and all other treenen ware – xjs
Item one pease of potgeals – xijs
Item tow coffers – vjs viijd
Item plough cart and all other things belonging to husbandree – xxiijs iiijd
Item a ston and haulfe of woole – xxxs
Item hempe in the house and upon the grounde – iijs iiijd
Item the mucke or donge – xs
Item his wearing apparel – xxs
Item his purse and girdle & money in his purs – vs

Debts owing him:
Imprimis Jhon Barber of Chesterton – iijli xs
Item the sayd Jhon upon specualltion – xli
Item Willim Bradney of Acleton – xs
Item Richard Joken of Acleton – xs
Item the William Billingsley of Broughton – ixs
Item Gilbert Parler – xls
Item Willim Persons – ijs
Item William Billingsley of Standlow his father – iijli
Somma – xliiijli vijs

The names of the praysers
George Wightwicke clerke
Roger Baker

William Billingsley inventory father

Inventory for William Billingsley, 1609 - mention of his father William

William and Anne had the following children:

1. William, buried 21 September 1592 in Worfield.

2. John, christened 27 January 1593 in Worfield.

3. William, christened 26 October 1595 in Worfield.

4. Richard, christened 14 May 1598 in Worfield.

*5. Mary, christened 21 August 1603 in Worfield.

SOURCES: Worfield parish register; Alberton parish register; administration and inventory for William Billingsley of Standlowe, Worfield, 1609.


William Billingsley was born in about 1530 of Stanlow townland in the parish of Worfield, most likely the son of Richard and Margaret Billingsley. He married Anne. William was a husbandman in Standlow.

William was appointed an ale taster in 1574: "William Byllingsley of Standlowe and John Crogenton of Newton, jurors, are appointed ale tasters for the coming year." (Worfield Court Roll 1574)

William was mentioned in The Lost Villages of Worfield: “It is the 23rd day of September in 1584 and the Frankpledge Court is being held in Worfield. All the townships are presenting the petty crimes of their inhabitants. One has not cut a tree across the River Worfe, several have played bowls (definitely not allowed), another has allowed drinking in their house at the time of the divine service, and so it goes on, the delicious trivia which is the stuff of everyday life. Ackleton presents its list of miscreants: John Hytchcokes left wood on the Queen’s highway to Bridgnorth at Leggers Wall fine 2d John Shepherde overstocked the common with sheep over his allowed number - 4d John Pratt and Roger Catstrey also overstocked the common - fine 4d John Chester, Roger Smythe, William Billingsley, Richard Chapman, Anna Bradborn widow, and Stephen Smythe, all put their animals in the grain field of Aculton while the grain was being carried and were fined 6d. You can picture the scene. The corn has been cut and left in stooks ready to be taken to the barn. Perhaps someone had not been very quick in getting the job done and others, who were running short of fodder had little choice but to put them in the grain field. Perhaps, John Chester et al were making a point, that whoever was responsible should get out of bed earlier and get the job done. Either way, I bet the cattle and sheep made a mess of the corn and I can imagine that the air was pretty blue in Ackleton that day.(The Lost Villages of Worfield on

Anne died and was buried 5 December 1609 in Worfield, the same year that her son William died.

              Billingsley burial

Burial record for Anne Billingsley in Worfield:
"The 5th day was buryed Anna wife of Billingesley of Standlow the elder husbandman"

William died and was buried the next year, 26 August 1610 in Worfield.

William Billingsley senior burial

Burial record for William Billingsley in Worfield:
"The 26 day was buryed William Billingsley of Standlow seinor housholder husbandman widower"

William and Anne had the following children:

*1. William, born in about 1563 in Worfield; married Anne, died 1809 in Worfield.

2. Humphrey, buried 2 December 1573 in Worfield.

SOURCES: Worfield parish register.


Richard Billingsley was born about 1490. He married Margaret.

A census was taken in the Archdeaconry of Stafford in 1532 and 1533. This census lists the head of household, their current and former spouses, and all children living and dead. No Billingsleys are listed in Stanlow, but one Billingsley family is found in the nearby townland of Rendelford in the parish of Worfield. This is the family of Richard Billingsley:

"Richard Belengeley, Margaret, uxor eius, Richard, Thomas, William, Margaret, Agnes, Margery"

This list shows Richard, his wife Margaret, and their children.

Richard is listed in 1524 in the townland of Bromley in the Lay Subsidy for Worfield:

Ric Byllyngesley g. vi.Li.-iii.s

Richard was also listed in Bromley in the Lay Subsidy of 1525.

Richard is mentioned in the Worfield Court Rolls.

"Rindleford and Bromley. The townships there present that Richard Billingsley (2d) attacked Roger Baker; the same Roger (2d) attacked the said Richard in return; and that Roger Catstree (2d) attacked the said Roger Baker, and that John Hitchcocks (annulled by the court) attacked John Baker; therefore they are in mercy." (View of Frankpledge Worfield 1518/9) Richard Billingsley also is listed as a juror in the same document.

Richard Billingsley and Roger Baker were the only two occupants listed in Bromley in 1525, so were near neighbors.

Richard died and was buried 26 September 1587 in Worfield.

            Billingsley burial

Burial record for Richard Billingsley in Worfield:
"The 26 day was buryed Ric Billingsley of Bromley yoman housholder"

Richard and Margaret had the following children:

1. Richard

2. Thomas

*3. William

4. Margaret

5. Agnes

6. Margery

SOURCES: A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3; Frankpledge Worfield 1518/9 on; Lay Subsidy for Shropshire, 1524 - Bromley.

Earlier Billingsleys:

Richard's parents are not known, but several Billingsleys are listed in the Worfield Court Roll for 1446:

"Ale tasters - Present that Rober Bruggend (4d) brewed once and broke the assize. John Rowelowe (4d) brewed once, Robert le Sond (4d) brewed once, Richard Bere (4d) brewed once, John Turner brewed once (4d), John Billyngsley (4d) brewed once, John Smyth (4d) brewed once, John Hull (4d) brewed once, Dominus Bonamy (4d) brewed once, Roger Billyngsley (4d) brewed once,...And present that all the above brewed and broke the assize each and everyone is in mercy."

"Asterhull Ewyk and the Sonde present that Giles Hyde unjustly took two yards of russel cloth from John Billingsley."

"Ale tasters - The ale tasters present that John Catstre (4d) brewed once, Richard Billingsley (4d) brewed once...and they broke the assize."

"To this court came William Barowe (8d), Matilda Billyngsley (8d) and Henry Wever (8d) and they gave to the lord a fine to brew until the Feast of the Michaelmas next".

Billingsleys are also found in the Worfield Court Roll for 1422:

"Presentation of ale tasters amercements - John Bullok (4d), John Byllingsley (4d) brewed once, Henry Barker (4d) brewed once,..."

SOURCES: Worfield Court Roll 1447; Worfield Court Roll 1422.