Mary Morrissey was christened 2 December 1810 in the parish of Galbally, the daughter of Nicholas Morrissey and Mary Kiely of the townland of Carryonsure. She is the only Mary Morrissey born in the parish in the right time period. The sponsor at her christening was Bridget Morrissey. Mary married John Leddin 27 February 1838 in Galbally. They had two children: Margaret (born 1841) and Michael (born 1844) in Emly, Tipperary. 

                                                                           Mary Morrissy christening
                                                                             Baptized Mary dau of Nicholas Morissy of Careyconsure & Mary Kiely, Sponsor: Bridget Morissy

Other Morrisseys found in the parish register of Galbally are:

John Morissy and Honor Fraher married February 1814
Patrick Raleigh and Mary Morrissey February 1819
John Gill and Winefred Morresy married 17 February 1828, witnesses: Winifred Morresy, John Quane, and Ellen Cormack
James Moressey and Catherine Sweeny married December 1838
Michael Moressey and Ellen Kennedy married 19 February 1841
Patrick Carroll and Johanna Morrissy married 24 February 1842, witnesses: Ellen Morrissy, Patrick Cronin, Daniel Hogan
John Moressey and Margaret Meagher, married 11 August 1845, witnesses: Thomas Meagher, James Moressey, and Mary Meagher

The following Morrissey acted as witnesses in the parish register:
John Morissy was a witness for the marriage of Patrick Berry and Mary Herdman, 29 May 1814

Patrick, christened 8 February 1810, son of Patrick Morrissey, farmer, and Margaret Quinlan, townland of Inchacoomb.

Bridget, christened 4 September 1814, illegitimate daughter of Patrick Raleigh and Cathy Morrissey.
Bridget, christened 31 October 1814, daughter of John Morrissey and Honora Fraher.

Bridget, christened 1 February 1816, daughter of Kennedy Morrissey and Ellen Morrissey, townland of Gurtavoher.

In addition, this christening is cited at as being from the Galbally parish register:

Michael, christened 28 January 1811, son of Michael Morrissey and Margaret Morrissey.

Another Morrissey is listed on

Johanna, born 1815 in Galbally, daughter of Michael Morrissey and Bridget Luby; married Patrick Meagher 23 Septermber 1832 in Tamworth, NSW, Australia; died 24 Oct 1896, in Dungowan, New South Wales, Australia.

Morrisseys found in the nearby parish register of Knocklong are:

Mary, christened 29 March 1813, daughter of Francis Morrissey and Cath. Kennelly.
Mary, christened 22 January 1814, daughter of Patrick Morrissey and Mary Downey.

SOURCES: Galbally and Aherlow parish register; Knocklong parish register.

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