DNA testing through 23andme, and confirm that the Carey family has ancient Irish roots. The Y chromosome of a direct male line descendant of John Joseph Carey was tested and found to be of the haplogroup R-L21.  The specific genetic markers point to Irish type II, or South Irish. The haplogroup is believed to be Pretani, or Cruithin, of Ireland, also known as the Picts.


When providing the DNA analysis, also provided a list of close genetic matches. In this test, the closest Carey match was a Carey descendant of Edward Carey. The match was estimated to be within six generations. Edward Carey was a sewer builder of Chicago, born in Ireland. John Carey and Mary Harrigan were the sponsors at the baptism of one of Edward's sons, and both families attended Holy Family Parish in Chicago in the mid to late 1800s. The other matches provided by were, not surprisingly, mainly Irish names. Numerous matches were found at about 25-30 generations back with O'Learys, Sullivans and Murphys, all Munster families. O'Learys, Learys and Clearys are especially well-represented.


SOURCES:;; Whalen's Cheat Sheet for R1b & Irish Sub-clades.

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