Maurice Hickey and Margaret Leddin had four children: Ellen, Mary, Margaret, and Joseph. Ellen died young, and Margaret and Joseph had no children. The descendants of Maurice Hickey and Margaret Leddin all come through Mary.

The Family of Mary Josephine Hickey

Mary married John Joseph Carey, and had three sons:


1)  John who married Anna Buggy, and had four children:

    A) Martha who married Oren James Piper, and had no children.


    B)  Patrick Thomas who married Andrea Navarro, and had four children:


            John Patrick

            Susan Andrea

            Michael Anthony

    C)  Gail Marie who married Robert Barcklay, and had four children:

            Robert John

            Christopher Paul

            Tamara Anne

            Allison Marie

    D) James Michael who married Pamela Frost and had no children.

2)  Thomas Ignatius who married Mary Nichelson and had no children.

3) James Aloysius who married Beulah Green, and had four children:

    A) Charles Joseph who married Kim Hirsch, and had four children:

             Megan Jean

             Michael J.



    B) Alice Anne who married Darryl Boyd, and had two children:

             Michelle Anne

             Adam Richard

   C) Raymond Patrick who was single and had no children.

   D) William Robert who married Andrea Southard, and has four children:

            Daniel Thomas

            Leah Marie

            Alexander David

            Oliver James 

Maurice Hickey and Margaret had four children, three grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and seventeen great-great grandchildren (at this time).

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