John Carey and Mary Josephine Hickey Carey with their baby John

1.John Joseph was born December 4, 1911, in Chicago, Illinois. He married Anna Buggy, and had four children: Martha, Patrick, Gail, and James. John worked for the United States Post Office. He died May 28, 1974 in Berkeley, California.

2.Thomas Ignatius was born January 13, 1913 in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Nevada as a mining engineer. In World War II he served as a range and radar officer for the San Francisco harbor defense system, and helped set up the radar scanners that protected the Bay. He married Mary Nichelson (Nikky), and had no children. Thomas worked for PG&E as a senior design engineer. He died December 1, 1966.

3.James Aloysius was born February 7, 1920 in San Francisco, California. He was an Eagle Scout. Jim attended U.C. Berkeley on a scholarship, majoring in chemical engineering. He served as an artillery spotter in World War II, and received the Bronze Star for bravery. He married Beulah Green, and had four children: Charles, Alice, Raymond, and William. Jim worked for the Bank of America as a computer research consultant, and played a pioneering role in establishing computer systems for the bank. He died October 22, 1992, in San Francisco.

Tom, John and Jim Carey

Tom, John and Jim Carey

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