Mary Kiely was born in about 1780 of Galbally, County Limerick, Ireland. Her birth pre-dates the start of the Galbally parish register, so her parents are unknown. She married Nicholas Morrissey in about 1805 in Galbally.

These Kielys are found in the Tithe Applotment in 1830 in Galbally:

Tithe Applotment Galbally

Tithe Applotment, 1830, in Galbally

There were these Kiely families listed in Griffiths Valuation in Galbally in 1852:

These Kiely families are found in the early parish register:

"Kiely is an Anglicized form of the Old Gaelic O'Cadhla. The Gaelic prefix O indicated male descendant of, plus the byname Cadhla, meaning graceful or beautiful; hence, descendants of the graceful one. The name in chiefly found in the Munster counties of Waterford, Limerick and Cork."   (

SOURCES: Tithe Applotment, Galbally; Griffiths Valuation, Galbally; Galbally parish register.