James Kennedy married Judith Anne Duane 23 February 1800 at St. Michael's parish in Tipperary, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. She was most likely the daughter of Michael Dwan of Tipperary. Witnesses at the wedding were William Duane and Winifred Ryan. William may be Judith's brother.

The later Title Applotment in 1828 in Tipperary town shows only one Dwan: Stephen Dwan in Bohercrow. He was probably a brother of Judith.

        Dwan Tithe Applotment

Stephen Dwan in Tithe Applotment, Tipperary Town, 1828

The early Catholic parish registers for Tipperary town list these Duane families:

Michael Duane and Margaret Ryan had the following children:

William Duan and Mary Finn had the following children:

Stephen Duan married Mary Doherty 26 Jan 1831 in Tipperary, and had the following children:

Additionally, these two marriages are listed in the Tipperary parish register:

The Religious Census of 1766 lists only one Dwan (Duane): Michael Dwan. Michael is most likely the father of Judith Duane.

It is likely that Michael Dwan and his wife had the following children:

1. Honora, born in about 1770 of Tipperary; married Patrick Hoghter 1793 in Tipperary.

*2. Judith Anne, born in about 1780 of Tipperary; married James Kennedy 1800 in Tipperary.

3. Michael, married Margaret Ryan.

4. William, married Mary Finn.

5. Ann, born in about 1785 of Tipperary; married Daniel Haly 1811 in Tipperary.

6. Stephen, married Mary Doherty 1831 in Tipperary.

SOURCES: Tipperary RC parish register; Tithe Applotment for Tipperary; 1766 Religious Census.

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