Johana Cullinane was born in about 1807 in Ireland, according to her Chicago death certificate. She married Richard Carey 30 January 1826 in Mahoonagh, County Limerick, Ireland. Richard came from the nearby parish of Ballingarry, about ten miles east of Mahoonagh. The witnesses at the wedding were John Cullinane and Patrick Kiely.

Since weddings were generally held in the bride's home parish, the Cullinanes were most likely from the parish of Mahoonagh. John Cullinane may be Johana's brother. Patrick Kiely married Margaret Cullinane in 1823, so he may be Johana's brother-in-law. 

Carey marriage

Mahoonagh parish register 30 January 1826 for the marriage of Richard and Johana Cullinane (in Latin)

Johana and Richard's son Patrick was christened in Mahoonagh in 1838. By 1849, Johana and Richard were living in Ballingarry, in the townland of Common, near Richard's family.

The Mahoonagh parish records start in 1811. Johana was born before the parish registers started, but it is possible that her parents had other children after 1811.

The following Cullinanes were found in the early Mahoonagh registers, up to 1830:

21 February 1811 Richard Mackay and Mary Cullinane married,
Witnesses: Thomas Mackay and Thomas Cullinane
31 January 1813 Dennis, son of Thomas Cullinane and Joanna Lynch, baptised
Sponsors: Patrick Cullinane and Mary Lynch

March 1813 Laurence, son of Thomas Griffin and Margaret Cullinane, baptised
Sponsors: James and Mary Griffin

3 June 1816 Catharine, daughter of Patrick Cullinane and Ellen Kennedy, baptised
Sponsors: Patrick Heily and Susanna Keily

16 February 1817 Patrick, son of Thomas Cullinan and Mary Lynch, baptised
Sponsors: Michael Lynch and Margaret Maly

16 September 1818 Ellen, daughter of Thomas Cullinane and Ellen Lynch, baptised
Sponsors: Edmund and Margaret Maly

11 February 1823 Margaret Quillinan married Patrick Kiely,
Witnesses: Patrick Quillinan, Margaret Quillinan

25 February 1827 Margaret Quillinan married Lawrence Hartnett
Witnesses: Thomas Quillinan, Timothy Hartnett

18 February 1828 Michael Quillinan married Margaret Connell
Witnesses: Thomas Quillinan, John Connell

March 1829 John, son of Michael Cullinane and Margaret Connel, baptised
Sponsors: John Conel and Mary Cullinane

18 January 1830 Thomas, son of Michael Quillinan and Margaret Conners, baptised

Sponsors: Tom Quillinan and Mary Connors

12 February 1831 Margaret Quillinan married Edmond Kenny
Witnesses: Thomas Quillinan, Michael Quillinan

12 August 1837 Catherine Quillinan, daughter of Dennis Quillinan and Margaret Connell, baptised
Sponsors: James Connell and Bridget Quillinan

In looking at the Cullinane marriage around the time of Johana's marriage, and the witnesses at those marriages, it seems that it is likely Johana had brothers John, Michael, Patrick, Thomas, and a sister Margaret (who married Patrick Kiely).

Thomas or Patrick Cullinane are possibilities for Johana's father, or her parents may not have had children after 1811. Thomas' wife is a bit of a mystery - her name is recorded as Joanna Lynch, Mary Lynch, and Ellen Lynch. Is this a mistake in the parish register, or did Thomas marry three different Lynch sisters? Patrick Cullinane and Ellen Kennedy only have one recorded baptism, in 1816, but some of the very early parish register entries are very faded and difficult to read, and it's possible there are earlier entries. Considering the Irish naming pattern (the second son is named for the mother's father), Patrick seems more likely to be Johana's father.

After 1837, no Cullinanes are found in the parish register, reviewed all the way to 1850. No Cullinanes are found in the Tithe Applotment in the late 1820s. The Tithe Applotment was assessed only on properties of one acre or more. The Cullinanes may have been agricultural laborers, living on less than an acre. There are Cullinanes on the Tithe Applotment lists in Ballingarry in 1830, including Patrick, Denis and Michael.

No Cullinanes are found in the Griffiths Valuation tax record for Mahoonagh in 1851. There are Cullinanes in Griffiths Valuation in Ballingarry.

Where did all the Cullinanes go? It's possible that they moved to adjoining parishes, like Johana who moved to Ballingarry. They may also have emigrated out of the country. A search of the nearby parishes show a few Cullinanes in the adjacent parish of Knockaderry, and more in Ballingarry.

Cullinanes in Knockaderry

6 February 1838 Patrick, son of Patrick Kiely and Margaret Cullinane, baptized (this is Johana's sister Margaret, who has moved to Knockaderry. Dennis may be another brother.)
Sponsors: Dennis Cullinane and Margaret Sweeny

15 March 1844 John Cullinane was a sponsor at the baptism of Catherine, daughter of James O'Donnell and Helen Madigan

26 May 1845 Ann Cullinane was a sponsor at the baptism of Helen, daughter of Bartholomew Healy and Helen McKennedy

10 December 1848 Mary, daughter of Michael Cullinan and Margaret Scanlon, baptized 
Sponsors: Patrick Ryan and Johana Cullinan  (This may be Johana's brother Michael marrying again, and Johana is a witness.)

No Cullinanes are found in the Tithe Applotment in Knockaderry.

Cullinanes in Ballingarry

Cullinanes are found in Ballingarry in the Tithe Applotment, including Patrick, Michael, William and Denis Cullinane in 1830.

Patrick Cullinane was listed in Commons (Kilmihil) in the Tithe Applotment. Anthony Cullinane was also listed in Commons (Kilmihil).


Patrick Cullinane in the Tithe Applotment in Ballingarry, in Commons townland

In Griffiths Valuation in 1852, Cullinanes are found in Richard's home parish of Ballingarry, including Patrick and William Cullinane in the same townland of Commons. With the Careys as near neighbors, they most certainly knew each other. Patrick had a house and garden with a 1/4-acre lot.


  Griffiths Valuation for Common townland in Ballingarry, showing Patrick Cullinane at the top of the list in Lot 2b,
and the Careys nearby in Lot 10.

In preparation for Griffiths Valuation, other lists were created including House Books and Tenure Books. The House Book for Ballingarry was created in 1849, and gives information about Patrick's house: The house was 31 feet long and 17 1/2 feet wide. It was 6 1/2 feet tall. The house was rated 3B-, which was a thatched house of stone walls with mud mortar or mud walls of the best kind. It was of medium age, deteriorated by age, and not in perfect repair.

          Book for Patrick Cullinane

House Book for Ballingarry, in the townland of Commons, created 21 March 1849

              map Commons

Ordinance Survey map, Commons townland
Patrick Cullinane is shown in Lot 2B

The Field Book was created in 1849, and showed that Patrick Cullinane had only a house and garden on a small lot, so was not a farmer at that point. He was on the same lot as John Keating, who had four acres of clay-like soil and arable land.

The Tenure Book was created in 1848, and provides additional information about Patrick's property.

          Book Patrick Cullinane

Tenure Book for Ballingarry in the townland of Common

The Tenure Book shows that Patrick Cullinane owned his property in fee, free forever, since 1818. This was just two years after his youngest daughter was baptized in Mahoonagh. His neighbor, John Keating, had land on the same lot, which he held in fee free forever since 1847, when he paid 8 fine to Patrick Cullinane for the property.

Another Cullinane, William Cullinane is found in Commons on lot 66, just down the street from Patrick Cullinane. They may be relatives. In Griffiths Valuation in 1852, William only had a house with no land, so was not farming, and may be older. Possibly he was Patrick's brother.

William Cullinane

Ordnance Survey map for Commons townland,
showing Patrick's lot at 2B and William's lot at 66.

The Ballingarry parish registers start in 1825. It is possible that some of Johana Cullinane's siblings also moved to Ballingarry. These Cullinanes are found in the Ballingarry parish registers:

3 February 1825 John Cullinane married Helena Sheehy
Witnesses: Patrick Cullinane and Daniel Sheehy

5 June 1825 John, son of Thomas Cullinane and Catherine Browne, baptized
Sponsors: John Lee and Margarey Dempsey

25 July 1825 Catherine, daughter of Edmund McEniry and Anna Cullinane, baptized
Sponsors: Thomas Cullinane and Helen Cuthbert

4 September 1825 John, son of Dennis Cullinane and Helen Davern, baptized
Sponsors: William and Catherine Kirby

27 November 1825 Dennis, son of William Cullinane and Mary Trehy, baptized
Sponsors: James Trehy and Mary Dillane

5 February 1826 William Cullinane and Helen Fitzgerald of this parish
Sp John Carroll and Margaret Fitzgerald

12 June 1826 Mary, daughter of William Cullinane and Margaret Keane, baptized
Sponsors: John Cullinane and Joanna Cullinane

19 November 1826 Joseph, son of Patrick Cullinane and unreadable, baptized
Sponsor: Joseph Cullinane

19 April 1827 Catherine, daughter of Michael Cullinane and Alice Doneen, baptized
Sponsors: John Lourdan and Catherine Cullinane

6 December 1827 Bridget, daughter of Dennis Cullinane and Helen Davern, baptized
Sponsors: Michael Fitzgerald and Honora McCann

27 April 1827 Thomas, son of William Cullinane and Mary Keane, baptized
Sponsors: James Connors and Margaret Lee

12 February 1830 James Delany and Alice Cullinane of this parish,
Sponsors: Michael Leary and Mary Connors

SOURCE: Mahoonagh parish register online at; Ballingarry parish register online at; Knockaderry parish register online at

It seems the most likely that Patrick Cullinane was Johana's father. No christening record has been found for Johana, but Patrick Cullinane and Ellen Kennedy had a child baptized in the early part of the 1810s. Johana has a second-born son named Patrick, although that is also Richard Carey's father's name. Patrick does not appear in land records in Mahoonagh, but is found in the nearby parish of Ballingarry, and is a near neighbor of the Carey family in the townland of Common. This family group is speculative:


Patrick Cullinane was born in about 1780 of Mahoonagh, County Limerick. He married Ellen Kennedy.

Patrick and Ellen may have had the following children:

1. Margaret, born about 1800 of Mahoonagh; married Patrick Kiely 11 February 1823 in Mahoonagh; had a son Patrick in 1838 in Knockaderry.

2. Thomas

3. Patrick

*4. Johana, born in about 1807 of Mahoonagh; married Richard Carey 30 January 1826 in Mahoonagh; died 20 September 1872 in Chicago, Illinois.

5. Michael, married Margaret Connell 18 February 1828 in Mahoonagh; had children John (1829), and Thomas (1830).

6. John, acted as a witness at Johana's wedding.

7. Catherine, christened 3 June 1816 in Mahoonagh.

SOURCES: Mahoonagh parish register; Knockaderry parish register; Tithe Applotment, Ballingarry; Griffith's Valuation, Ballingarry; House Book, Ballingarry; Tenure Book, Ballingarry.



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