Ellen Allen was born in about 1800 in Bruff, Limerick, Ireland. She married Thomas Hickey of Lough Gur 26 August 1823 in Bruff. (No witnesses are listed for this marriage).

Hickey Allen Marriage

26 August 1823 Married Thomas Hickey of Loughgur and Ellen Allen of this parish

The couples having children at that time were Thomas Allen and Honora Power, James Allen and Mary Hallinan, Thomas Allen and Catherine Kirby, and Patrick Allen and Mary Donovon. Ellen and Thomas Hickey's children were in order - sons, Patrick, Thomas, Maurice and John, daughters - Mary, Catherine, Bridget, Mary, and Ellen. According to Irish naming tradition, Thomas' parents were most likely Patrick and Mary. Ellen's parents were most likely Thomas and Catherine. So it seems most probable that Thomas Allen and Catherine Kirby were Ellen's parents.

The Bruff parish registers begin in November 1781, although there are gaps from September 1782 to December 1807. These are the Allen families that were found in the parish of Bruff at that time:

Thomas Allen and Honora Power had the following children:

Johanna, christened 29 August 1782 in Bruff. Sponsors: Robert Regan, Mary Regan

Patrick Allen and Mary Donovan had the following children:

John, christened 24 June 1785 in Bruff. Sponsors: Andrew McGrath, Mary Hartney.
Patrick, christened 19 January 1789 in Bruff. Sponsors: Con Donovan, Ellen Daw

James Allen and Mary Hallinan had the following children:

Stephen, christened 2 January 1788 in Bruff. Sponsors: John Donovan, Mary Donovan.

James was a sponsor for the baptism of Thomas of James Joyce and Mary Costello on 10 August 1808.

Thomas Allen married Catherine Kirby 23 November 1797 in Bruff. Witnesses were Edmond Kirby and Daniel Kirby. They had the following children:

x Ellen, born in about 1800 in Bruff; married Thomas Hickey 26 August 1823 in Bruff; died in 1889 in Lough Gur.
Bridget, christened 13 April 1810 in Bruff. Sponsors: James Kirby, Margaret Kirby.
Jane, christened 4 February 1813 in Bruff. Sponsors: Charles McCarthy and Ellen Kirby.
David, christened 10 January 1816 in Bruff. Sponsors: Maurice Slattery and Mary Daniher.
Patrick, christened 26 April 1820 in Bruff. Sponsors: James O'Donnell, Mary Allen.

Richard Allen married Ellen Collins 8 November 1801 in Bruff. Witnesses: James Collins and John Collins.

David Allen and Catherine Grady had the following children:

John, christened 20 November 1810 in Bruff. Sponsors: Michael Hastings, Margaret Carroll.
Jane, christened 6 May 1813 in Bruff.

Patrick Allen and Jane Kennedy were married 24 May 1812 in Bruff. Witnesses were Thomas Allen and Ellen Kennedy. They had the following children:

Mary, christened 17 August 1813 in Bruff. Sponsors: Thomas Allen, Ellen Naughton.
Ellen, christened 14 March 1818 in Bruff. Sponsors: Thomas Allen, Joanna Kennedy.
John, christened 26 June 1823 in Knockainy. Sponsors: Michael Hinchy, Ellen Quinlan
Michael, christened 28 August 1825 in Knockainy. Sponsors: Frances Bourke, Mary Allen.
James, christened 18 September 1829 in Knockainy. Sponsors: Dennis Slattery, Mary Noonan.

Patrick Allen and Jane Kirby (this is most likely Jane Kennedy) had the following children:

Patrick, christened 23 August 1821 in Knockainy. Sponsors: Michael Gillan, Mary Gorman

James Allen married Elizabeth Herlihy 11 February 1812 in Bruff. Witnesses were Patrick Herlihy and James Wheland. James Allen and Sarah Herlihy (assuming these are the same people) had the following children:

Mary, christened 4 April 1813 in Bruff. Sponsors: Patrick Herlihy, Catherine Allen.
Honora, christened 15 1814 in Bruff.
Henry, christened 22 April 1815 in Bruff. Sponsors: Tom Allen, Mary Whelan.
John, christened 7 June 1816 in Bruff. Sponsors: Michael Connors, Mary Herlihy.
Margaret, christened 25 June 1817 in Bruff. Sponsors: Patrick Bolster, Ellen Divine.
Ellen, christened 8 January 1819 in Bruff. Sponsors: Patrick Herlihy, Margaret Herlihy

Thomas Allen and Ellen (Nell) Kennedy had the following children:

Mary, christened 7 January 1810 in Bruff. Sponsors: Patrick Hogan, Catherine Allen
John, christened 14 September 1811 in Bruff. Sponsors: Patrick Guire, Janet Kennedy
Patrick, christened 19 April 1813 in Bruff. Sponsors: Tom Allen, Catherine Allen
Catherine, christened 8 July 1815 in Bruff. Sponsors: Thady Garland, Mary Garland.
Michael, christened 20 March 1818 in Bruff. Sponsors: John Moloney, Ellen Meehan.
Thomas, christened 9 August 1825 in Knockainy. Sponsors: John Fitzgerald, Joanna Healy

Margaret Allen married John Hannan and had a son Thomas christened in 1809.

Johanna Allen married Michael Hastings 24 February 1811 in Bruff. Witnesses: James Birrane, Thomas Allen.

Margaret Allen married David Fitzgibbon and had a daughter Bridget christened in 1813.

Mary Allen married Timothy Cannon 25 January 1828 in Bruff. Witnesses: Bartholomew Cannon, Honora Madden.

Margaret Allen married Timothy Molony 19 February 1828 in Bruff. Witnesses: James Kirby, Catherine Molony

Patrick Allen married Catherine O'Neill 30 September 1832 in Bruff. Witnesses: David Healey, John McAuliffe.

No Allens are found in the Tithe Applotment for Bruff in 1833, or Griffiths Valuation for Bruff in 1850.

One Allen is found in Griffiths Valuation in the neighboring parish of Knockainy in 1850: Patrick Allen of Baggotstown West.

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