Carey Family Photo Album


Do you know this man?

How about this couple?

Could this be your grandpa?

The pictures in this online album were taken by my grandfather, John Joseph Carey, between 1900 and 1940. My father left me grandpa's 376 negatives, which I have scanned into an online album. I haven't done any touch-ups or repair on them. They are captured as is. I can identify some of the people and places in the pictures, but not all of them. I've divided them up by type and time period. If you can identify any of the people in the pictures, please contact me at If you want copies of any picture, I can send them to you as jpegs. If you have any pictures of John Carey, Mary Harrigan or their children, I'd love to have a copy!

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The four-digit number at the beginning of the file name identifies the type of subject. To look at a larger version of the photo, click on the thumbnail.

Chicago, 1900-1919
(These pictures appear to have been taken in Chicago. John lived in Chicago until 1919, when he moved to California.)

1100-1167  John Carey and Mary Hickey and their children, John and Tom
1200-1258  The brothers and sisters of John Carey and Mary Hickey (This includes Patrick Carey and his wife Jane, Margaret Carey, Mamie Carey, and Margaret Hickey)
1300-1306  Landscapes and buildings
1400-1453  Unknown men, women and children (can you identify them?)

San Francisco and Berkeley, California, 1919-1940
(John Carey, his wife Mary, and their two sons, John and Tom moved to San Francisco in 1919. Another son, James, my father was born there in 1920. In 1921 they moved to Berkeley. Some of the unidentified pictures may be of family members who came to visit.)

2100-2159  John Carey and Mary Hickey and their children, John, Tom and Jim
2200-2233  John Carey, Jr. and Anne Buggy, and their children
2300-2338  Houses, pets, and cars
2400-2402  John Carey's brother Thomas Carey and family
2500-2537  Landscapes and buildings
2600-2653  Unknown men, women and children (can you identify them?)

Unknown Time Period

2700-2703  Double exposures/damaged  negatives

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