Edmond Anderson was born in about 1680 of Temple, Midlothian, Scotland. The Temple parish registers started in 1688. The only Anderson couple having children in the beginning of the parish register were George Anderson and Helen Sim. They are likely Edmond's parents.


Old church in Temple

He married Jean Wilson 2 Jun 1704 in Temple.

Edmond Anderson marriage

Marriage record for Edmond Anderson and Jean Wilson in Temple:
"Likewise, Betwixt Edmond Andersone in this paroch & Jean Wilsone in ye paroch of Heriot & one dollar laid in pledge with a
line signed by ye Edmond for ye oyr obleidging himself to make it forthcoming to the sed: in case of transgression:
Witness suite the Bridegroom Edmond & George Andersone & for ye Bryde Ja: Dicksone & Tho: Whyte"

Jean was christened 24 October 1675 in Lasswade, the daughter of Daniel Wilson and Margaret Baird.

Edmond and Jean had the following children:

1. George, christened 21 March 1705 in Temple; buried 31 December 1712 in Temple.

2. James, christened 10 November 1706 in Temple.

3. Thomas, christened 28 November 1708 in Temple.

*4. Marion, christened 4 February 1711 in Temple; married James Hunter 21 June 1734 in Temple.

Marion Anderson

Baptism record for Marion Anderson in Temple: "Edmond Andersone & Jean Wilsone in Esperstoune had a
daughter baptized called Marion. Witnesses David & Nicol Liddells"

5. Henry, christened 28 June 1713 in Temple.

6. Robert, christened 29 April 1715 in Temple.

7. Euphan, (female) christened 14 April 1717 in Newbattle, Midlothian, Scotland.

8. George, christened 1 June 1718 in Newbattle.

9. Isobell, christened 25 December 1720 in Temple.

10. Jean, christened 4 August 1723 in Borthwick.

11. Edmond, christened 21 August 1726 in Temple.

12. John, christened 13 June 1728 in Temple.


SOURCES: Scottish Church Records CD; Temple parish register, FHL# 1067791, shows the children of Edmond Anderson and Jean Wilson born in the townland of Esperstowne in the parish of Temple.


George Anderson was born in about 1660 of Temple. He married Helen Sim.

George died and was buried 21 March 1716 in Temple.

George Andersone

Burial record for George Andersone in Temple:
"George Anderson who liv'd in Esperstoune died ___ and was this day buried in Temple Kirkyard
and had the best mortcloth att ye price of 02-04-00"

Helen died later in the year, and was buried 19 December 1716 in Temple.

              Andersone burial

Burial record for Helen Sim Andersone in Temple:
"Helen Syme spouse to George Andersone in Outterstowne, died yre & was this day buried in ye old Kirk att Ancrum
& had ye best mortcloth at ye price of 02-04-00"

George and Helen had the following children:

*1. Edmond, born in about 1680 of Temple; married Jean Wilson 2 Jun 1704 in Temple.

2. James, christened 10 March 1689 in Temple.

3. William, christened 15 June 1691 in Temple.

4. George, christened 19 December 1693 in Temple.

5. Josias, christened 10 July 1698 in Temple.

SOURCES: Temple parish register,

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