James Hunter was born in about 1709 of Temple, Midlothian, Scotland. Temple was named for the Knights Templar, who were established in the area of Temple since 1153: "Since they had first been established in Scotland by David I in 1153, the main Scottish base of the Knights Templar had been 15 miles south of Edinburgh at a place called Balantradoch. Here they had a monastery on the east bank of the River South Esk. In 1312 ownership of the monastery was transferred to the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John, and became part of the property they administered from their Scottish headquarters at Torphichen Preceptory near Linlithgow. During the 1500s Balantradoch came to be known as Temple, reflecting its earlier history." (www.undiscovered



James married first, Bessie Goldie on 6 June 1729 in Temple. Bessie died and was buried 29 January 1734 in Temple: "Bessie Goldie, spouse to James Hunter in Espertoun, was buried in Temple kirkyard, and had the best mortcloth".

James then married Marian Anderson 21 June 1734 in Temple.

          Hunter marriage

Marriage record for James Hunter and Marion Anderson in Temple:
"Jean Hunter & Marion Anderson in Esperstoun had a daughter called Jean baptized, witnesses John Hunter & Edmond Anderson"

Marion was christened 4 February 1711 in Temple, the daughter of Edmond Anderson and Jean Wilson.

James died and was buried 26 January 1760 in Temple.

James Hunter burial

Burial record for James Hunter:
January 26 1860  James Hunter died at Callerstoun and was that day buried in Temple churchyard and the second morteclouth"

James and Marion had the following children:

1. Jean, christened 13 April 1735 in Temple (shown as born in Esperstowne townland in Temple).

*2. Marion, christened 11 September 1737 in Temple; "Likewise, James Hunter and Marion Anderson in Esperstown had a daughter called Marion baptized. Witnesses: Wm. Hunter and Edmond Anderson"; married William Fairgrieve 8 June 1759 in Carrington, Midlothian, Scotland.

Marion Hunter

Baptism record for Marion Hunter in Temple: "Likewise, James Hunter & Marion Anderson in Esperstoun had a daughter called Marion baptized, witnesses Wm. Hunter & Edmond Anderson"


3. Janet, christened 30 September 1744 in Temple.

4. James, christened 14 January 1748 in Temple.

5. Janet, christened 2 March 1751 in Temple.

6. Isobel, christened 2 March 1751 in Temple.

SOURCES: IGI; Scottish Church Records CD; Temple parish register, FHL# 1067791, shows Jean Hunter born in the townland of Esperstowne in the parish of Temple..

No christening record has been found in Temple parish for James Hunter. The families having children during that time period were:

John Hunter and Isobel Blackie had a son:

Walter, christened 16 April 1693 in Temple.

John Hunter died and was buried 1 July 1704 in Temple.

James Hunter and Janet Patersone who had a son:

Alexander, christened 26 December 1703 in Temple.

James Hunter and Janet Patersone are the most likely parents for James.

Other early Hunters in the parish register were:

Thomas Hunter who married Agnes Elder 2 June 1693 in Temple, and had a son:

Robert, christened 5 May 1694 in Temple.

Walter Hunter married Marion Brakenridge 5 May 1696 in Temple. Walter was buried 21 September 1698 in Temple.


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