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Mary Smith was born in about 1720 of Newlands, Peeblesshire, Scotland. No christening record has been found for her, but the only Smith family shown having children in Newlands parish in the right time period were William Smith and Agnes Ramadge, who married in Newlands 11 June 1725. William and Agnes are most likely Mary's parents.

William Smith marriage

Marriage record for William Smith and Agnes Ramadge in Newlands:
"Anno 1725 May 21  William Smith & Agnes Ramadge gave up their names &c: married June 11th"


Newlands Kirk

William is shown as a servant in Stevenstown and Macbiehill, and a tenant in Scotstoun in his children's christening records.


Bridge near Macbiehill

William and Agnes had the following children:

1. Janet, christened 1 May 1726 in Newlands (tenant in Stevenstown).

2. James, christened 15 April 1728 in Newlands (son of William Smith, servant in Stevenstown)..

*3. Mary, born in about 1729 of Newlands; married David Lauder 6 July 1744 in Newlands.

4. Henrietta, christened 31 August 1735 in Newlands (daughter of William Smith, tenant in Scotstoun).

5. Helen, christened 26 February 1738 in Newlands (daughter of William Smith, tenant in Scotstoun).

6. William, christened 4 May 1740 in Newlands (William, son to William Smith, servant to Mr. William Montgomery of Macbiehill at Botticot).

7. Robert, christened 31 October 1742 in Newlands (son of William Smith at Coltcoat).

8. Marion, born September 27 1745 in Newlands; christened 2 October 1745 in Newlands (daughter to William Smith servant to Mcbiehill).

SOURCE: IGI, Newlands parish register;


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