The MacGregor's motto is "My blood is royal". They were descended from an ancient Celtic royal family, and "tradition holds that Gregor was the son of Kenneth MacAlpin." (  The first documented chief was Gregor of the Golden Bridles. The MacGregors held lands in Glenstrae, Glenochy and Glenorchy.

The MacGregors became highland outlaws: "The MacGregors were one of the most famous victims of Clan Campbell's expansionism." ( In 1589 the king's forester was killed after hanging some MacGregors for poaching. King James issued an edict proclaiming that the name MacGregor was altogether abolished. This meant that "the names of Clan Gregor was erased from existence. To even claim one of these names was to invite an immediate execution." (  Clan members reacted in two ways: "those who legally changed their name to satisfy the law, but never changed their heart of blood". The others "took to the great highlands and continued to use their Gregor names in defiance." The most famous member of the clan was Rob Roy MacGregor, who assumed his mother's name of Campbell. Sir Walter Scott wrote a novel about Rob Roy, and called the clan "Children of the Mist".
McGregor tartan