Agnes Robson married Thomas Henderson, and had children christened in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland. Thomas was only sixteen years old at the birth of his first child in 1668. It is likely that Agnes was also young at the time of her marriage, so was born in about the same year as Thomas. No Agnes Robson is christened in Dalkeith, but an Anna Robissone was christened in 1651. Anna and Agnes are most likely the same person, making her parents Alexander Robesone and Alisone Campbell. Thomas and Agnes named their first son Alexander.


Alexander Robesone was christened 5 June 1636 in Newton, Midlothian, Scotland, the son of Methew Robesone. He married Alisone Campbell. Alexander was only fifteen years old at the birth of his first child. Newton is a parish about two miles from Dalkeith.

Alisone died and was buried 17 February 1667 in Newton.

Alexander and Alisone had the following children:

*1. Agnes (Anna), christened 25 February 1651 in Dalkeith; married Thomas Henderson.

Agnes Robson baptism

Baptism record for Agnes (Anna) Robisone in Dalkeith: "Eodem die was bapt Anna Robisone par Alexr Robissone & Alisone Campbell in Neator parish. W/ Nicoll Robison, Johin Portious"
The same day was baptized Anna Robisone, parents Alexander Robissone and Alisone Campbell in Newton parish. Witnesses: Nicoll Robisone, John Portious.

2. Alexander, christened 6 April 1653 in Newton.

3. Nicoll, (male) christened 23 April 1655 in Newton.

4. Alisone, christened 15 October 1657 in Newton.

5. Nicoll, (male) christened 6 July 1658 in Newton.

6. Edward, christened 8 May 1660 in Newton; buried 31 October 1735 in Newton.

7. James, christened 21 August 1662 in Newton.

8. John, christened 24 January 1666 in Newton.

SOURCE: Dalkeith parish register; Newton parish register;


Mathew Robesone was born in about 1610 of Newton. He had the following children:

1. Anes, christened 15 December 1633 in Newton.

*2. Alexander, christened 5 June 1636 in Newton; married Alisone Campbell.

Alexander Robesone

Baptism record for Alexander Robesone in Newton: "Upone ye v day of Jun 1636 Mathew Robesone ane bairn baptes callit
Alexander Robeson"

SOURCE: Newton parish register;