Thomas Fallowes was born in about 1665 of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Mary Tayler 23 September 1684 in St. Mary's, Nottingham. Thomas died and was buried 16 June 1699 in St. Mary's, Nottingham.

Thomas and Mary had the following children: 

1. George, buried 14 Dec 1686 in St. Mary's, Nottingham. 

2. Matthias, christened 2 March 1688 in St. Mary's, Nottingham; buried 6 March 1688 in St. Mary's.

3. Thomas, christened 4 January 1690 in Nottingham.

4. Joseph, christened 5 May 1691 in Nottingham.

*5. Mary, christened 21 November 1695 in Nottingham; married James Reason 3 June 1718 in St. Mary's, Nottingham.

6. Thomas, christened 13 May 1699 in Nottingham.

Mary married again after Thomas died. She married Joseph Paul 13 May 1704 in St. Mary's parish, Nottingham. Joseph's occupation was listed as "householder". Mary and Joseph had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, christened 12 October 1704 in St. Mary's, Nottingham.

2. George, christened 27 December 1705 in St. Mary's, Nottingham.

Joseph died and was buried 6 October 1726 in St. Mary's. Mary died and was buried 2 July 1742 in St. Mary's.


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