Reginald Gittins married Johann Yonge 2 August 1572 in Church Pulverbatch, Shropshire, England.

Reginald Gittens marriage

Marriage record for Reginald Gittins and Johann Yonge in Church Pulverbatch

Reginald died and was buried 3 June 1605 in Church Pulverbatch.

Reginald Gittins burial

Burial record for Reginald Gittins in Church Pulverbatch

Johann died as a widow, and was buried 3 September 1615 in Church Pulverbatch.

Johann Gittins burial

Burial record for Johann Gittins in Church Pulverbatch

 Reginald and Johann had the following children:

1. Thomas, christened 15 April 1576 in Church Pulverbatch.

2.  Joan, christened 5 November 1577 in Church Pulverbatch.

3. Anna, christened 27 October 1579 in Church Pulverbatch.

*4. Johana, christened 12 March 1581 in Church Pulverbatch; married Robert Hinley 24 Febuary 1612 in Church Pulverbatch.

Johana Gittins baptism

 Baptism record for Johana Gittins in Church Pulverbatch

5.  Margaret, christened 20 April 1584 in Church Pulverbatch.

6.  Richard, christened 8 May 1589 in Church Pulverbatch; married Alizea Bulloke 1 June 1616 in Church Pulverbatch.

Other early Gittens include:

Thomas Gittins burial 1542

Burial record for Thomas Gittins in Church Pulverbatch, 1542

Reginald must have been born in about 1550. Either Thomas or Richard may have been his father. His grandfather was likely Thomas who was buried in 1542.

SOURCE: IGI;; Church Pulverbatch parish register.

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