John Browne was christened 5 May 1608 in Kingswinford, the son of Thomas and Elionor Browne. He married Francis. His occupation was a nailor, or nail maker.

John died and was buried 6 July 1659 in Kingswinford.

Frances died and was buried 27 April 1687 in Kingswinford.

John left an inventory dated 18 November 1661:

A true and pfect inventory of all the goods and cattells of John Browne of the pishe of Kingswinford and County of Stafford, nailor, deceased the tenth day of July 1658 taken and appraised the 18th day of November in the thirteenth yeare of the reigne of King Charles the second of Anno Dom 1661.

Imprimis, his purse, girle and wearing apparel  1-13-14

Item, one tableboard with a frame, one forme  0-3-4

Item, one seele, one landiron, one paire of tongs one fireshovel  0-3-4

Item, one cubbard and chaire, 4 little stooles  0-7-0

Item, 2 iron potts, 4 brass potts, one brass kettell and brass pan, twelve dishes of pewter, 2 pewter candlestick  2-6-8

Item, 3 little barrels and brewing vessel, 2 pales and other wooden ware  0-6-8

Item, one chest, 4 coffers, 2 little po___ 0-8-0

Item, two paire of bedsteades and furniture therto belonging 2-10-1

Item, 3 paire of linen sheetes, one paire of hurden sheetes, and paire of flaxon fheetes, 3 table napkins, two board clothes, one towel   0-12-0

In the shopp

Item, One paire of bellows and other shop tooles  1-0-0

Item, 18 sheepe, one cow and young heifer, one mare  8-5-0

Item, monys owing to the deceasd  5-0-0

Sum total  22-16-0

John Browne inventory

Inventory of John Browne of Kingswinford


There is an associated obligation mentioning " Ffrancis Browne Relict of John Browne late of Kingswinford, deceased" with her mark at the bottom of the document.

Frances Browne mark

 Mark of Frances Browne, widow of John Browne

John and Frances had the following children:

1. John, christened 2 August 1635 in Kingswinford.

2. Richard, christened 7 March 1637 in Kingswinford; buried 8 March 1637 in Kingswinford.

3. Margret, christened 10 May 1638 in Kingswinford.

4. Mary, christened 16 May 1641 in Kingswinford.

5. Thomas, christened 12 January 1644 in Kingswinford.

6. Edward, christened 27 December 1646 in Kingswinford.


7. Mary, christened 29 December 1646 in Kingswinford.

8. *Sarah, christened 7 April 1653 in Kingswinford; married Thomas Smallman 28 December 1682 in Kingswinford. 

SOURCE: Kingswinford parish register; inventory and obligation for John Browne, 1661, on 


Thomas Browne was born in about 1580 of Kingswinford. He married Elionor.

Elionor died and was buried 29 February 1632 in Kingswinford.

Thomas died and was buried 13 February 1647 in Kingswinford, and the burial register showed him as Thomas Browne, the elder.

Thomas and Elionor had the following children:

1. Richard, christened 7 May 1603 in Kingswinford; married Elizabeth Beeke 9 May 1631 in Kingswinford.

2. John, christened 21 April 1605 in Kingswinford; may have died young.

3. *John, christened 5 May 1608 in Kingswinford; married Ffrances; buried 6 July 1659 in Kingswinford.

4. Thomas, born in about 1610 of Kingswinford.

SOURCES: Kingswinford parish register.

Other Brownes in Early Kingswinford Records

Richard Browne, collier of Kingswinford left a will dated 7 January 1575/6 and proven 23 March 1575/6. He may well be Thomas Browne's grandfather, and either Richard or Raffe may be his father. (As Thomas named his first child Richard, then Richard is more likely his father.)

In the will he mentions:

Richard and Raffe my sonnes
Anne, Elizabeth, Alice my daughters (not married at the time of the will)
Raffe Browne my father
Jone my wife

Richard Browne will

Will of Richard Browne, 1575/6

In the name of God Amen. The xij day of January in the yeare of our Lorde 1575, I Richard Browne of the pishe of Kings Swinford in the countie of Stafford, collyer being sicke in bodye, but of sounde & pfecte memory thanks be unto Almightie God, make & ordayne this my psent testament & laste will in maner & forme following. Ffirste I bequeath my sole unto Almyghtie God, trusting to be saved by the only bloude sheading & merites of Jesus Christe my Savior & redeemer, & my bodye to be buried in the churche yard of Kings Swinford aforesaid. Item I gyve & bequeath unto Richard & Raffe my sonnes xl of good & lawfull mony of England, that is to every of them xl a peece to be payd unto them at the age of xxi yeares, or at any tyme before yf my executors shall so thinke meete & convenient. Item, I gyve & bequeath to Anne, Elizabeth & Alice my daughters xv in monye, my paire of sheetes & my pewter platters, that is to saye to every one of them xv in monye, one paire of sheetes & one pewter platter. Their said legacye or portion to be delivered to every one of them the xxi yeare of  their ages or at the daye of their marriage at the discretion of my executors provided through that yf any of my above named shall departe unto of this psente lyfe before the tyme above specified & not having received their said legay or portion then I will that the said legacye or portion of hym or her, or so manye of them as so shall happen to departe unto of this psent lyfe shalbe equally devided & remayne amonge them then that shall remayne alive. Item, I make & ordeyne John Hodgett & Raffe Browne my father, my executors to see this my testament & will accomplished & fulfilled. The residue of all my goodes unbequeathed unto Jone my wife. Also I gyve unto my above named executors for their paynes taking xiij-d, that is to say every of them xiij-d. Theis beinge witnessed Henry Pratt curate, Raffe Browne & Richard Huston of Dudley.


The true inventory of all the goodes, cattell & dettes of Richard Browne of Kings Swinford in the Countie of Stafford, collier, taken & praysed by Richard Bradeley, Richard Bench, Roger Spanney, Richard Tymmyns & Nicholas Damuer, Richard Cooke with others, the xyth day of March Ano Dei 1575.


Item imprimis, his purse & apparel  xd

Item, two bedde steeds with the beddes or covering & all things appertaining  xld

Item, one paire of shettes  xd

Item, iij brasse pottes  xiijd iiijs

Item, one panne, iij kettells & one frying panne   xvid

Item, iiij candellstickes, vij platters and one lattyn basonne  xijd  viijs

Item, two broches & cobwones  ijd

Item, one cubboard, one whorg, iiij coffers & one kneding trogh  xxd

Item loomes, standes, barrels, and payles, with other tweene stuffe xd

Item, a chaire, a table, stooles and the ___  iijd iijs

Item, one boxe, two byers & one billor  xxd

Item, corne on the ground  xxd

Item, one cocke, iiiij hennes  xxd

Item, one gander & one goose iiys


Item, xiij beasted, greate and small xxh

Item iij cowles iijs iiijd

Item, one hundredth of sheepe  xxxiij

Item, vij swine  xd

Detts owing to hym

Item, Robert Smyth of Womborne oweth hym xxxd

Dettes he oweth

Item to Raffe Browne his father xxxvd iijd

Item  to Willm Pursell  xxd

Item to Mather for ___

Item to Willm Warner  iijd vjd

Item, to John ap Robertes  iijd


SOURCE: Will of Richard Brown, 1575, on


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