Richard Kitchen was christened 9 November 1572 in Mansfield, the son of Richard Kitchen and Alice Ffarnsworthe. He married 1) Johan Gee 6 October 1589 in Mansfield. Jane must have died, and he married 2) Elizabeth Smithe alias Clarke 30 April 1598 in Mansfield.

Richard Kitchen, tanner, died and was buried 2 March 1662 in Mansfield.

Richard and Johan had the following children:

1. Richard, christened 7 March 1591 in Mansfield.

*2. Margery, christened 14 April 1593 in Mansfield; married Christopher Strutte 27 November 1620 in Mansfield.

3. John, christened 17 December 1595 in Mansfield.

Richard and Elizabeth had the following children:

4. Franncis, christened 26 February 1601 in Mansfield.

5. Issabell, christened 24 August 1601 in Mansfield.

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Richard Kitchen was born in about 1540 of Mansfield. He married 1) Alice Ffarnesworthe 25 October 1562 in Mansfield. Alice must have died, and then Richard married Jane Schemington 28 October 1576 in Mansfield.

Richard died in about 1616. The History of Mansfield says, "In 1616, Richard Kitchen, of Mansfield, husbandman, left four shillings yearly to the poor, to be distributed by the churchwardens in money or bread, as they thought best. The money was paid out of the rent of a piece of land at the rear of his house in Westgate."

Richard and Alice had the following children:

1. Henry, christened 18 August 1564 in Mansfield.

*2. Richard, christened 9 November 1572 in Mansfield.

Richard and Jane had the following children:

3. Nicholas, christened 6 October 1577 in Mansfield.

4. Thomas, christened 3 March 1579 in Mansfield; married Mary Stubbinge 2 August 1600 in Manfield.

5. Anne, christened 18 September 1580 in Mansfield.

Other Kitchens in early Mansfield records include:

  • Henry, ffellmonger was buried 2 March 1661.
  • John Kitchen, who married Johane Stafford in 1598.
  • Will of William Kitchin of Mansfield, labourer, 1600.
  • Thomas Kitchen, who married Issabell in 1570, had children Elizabeth in 1571, Thomas in 1579, Anne in 1581, Robert in 1584.
  • Jhon Kichen, had son Jhon in 1567.

The name Kitchen comes from "Middle English Kychene, hence an occupational name for someone who worked in or was in charge of the kitchen of a monastery or great house." (

SOURCE: The History of Mansfield, William Horner Groves, 1894; Mansfield parish register on

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