Samuel Raynor was christened 12 September 1775 at St. Mary’s, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Catherine Frost 30 October 1797 in St. Mary's, Nottingham. Catherine was christened 2 August 1778 in Nottingham, the daughter of Thomas Frost and Sarah Hempsell. Samuel and Catherine had the following child:

1. Elizabeth, christened 1 April 1798 in St. Mary's, Nottingham.


Samuel died 13 January 1800 in St. Nicholas, Nottingham, and Catherine had additional children, all listed in the parish registers as illegitimate, with no father listed:
2. Samuel, christened 11 April 1802 in St. Mary's, Nottingham; married 1) Eliza, 2) Harriett; occupation - framework knitter; had children Mary Ann, Catherine, John, Edward, William, Henry, Emma, George, Frederick, and Mary Ann.
*3. Harriet, born 10 September 1803 in St. Mary's, Nottingham; christened 25 September 1803 in Nottingham; married John Fowlke 14 July 1823 in Radford, Nottinghamshire; emigrated to Utah in 1861; died 13 September 1888 in Mt. Pleasant, San Pete, Utah; buried in Pleasant Grove, Utah.


4. William, born in 1804 in Nottingham; died 14 December 1804.

5. William, christened 16 February 1806 in St. Mary's, Nottingham.

Several IGI records list the father of the last four children as Thomas Roper, and "not married" as the marital status. No other source is cited to explain how the connection between Thomas Roper and Catherine Frost was determined. A post on says, "Catherine Frost and Samuel Raynor married in St. Marys Parish Church October 30, 1797. Soon after their only natural child, Elizabeth, was born, April 1, 1798. Samuel died, deserted, or seemed to drop out of existence. To my knowledge, no record of his death has yet been found. I have not been able to find it. (*See burial date above - 13 January 1800 in St. Nicholas' parish, Nottingham). Catherine then became the common-law wife of Thomas Roper, and they become parents of four more children. The surnames of these children are somewhat confusing, but it seems for some reason they were christened under the name Raynor. It may be because Raynor was still the lawful husband." A History of Harriet Raynor's son, Frederick gives this interesting if inaccurate ancestry: "Frederick’s grandparents on his mother’s side were Samuel Raynor born in about 1760 and Catherine Frost born in about 1767.  Catherine’s father was Thomas Roper Frost, of Nottingham, Notts. England and her mother was Ann." (Life History of Frederick Fowlke on It is interesting that the name Roper was preserved. 

One Thomas Roper appears in Nottingham records: Thomas Roper, born about 1779 in Norwich, who was a clock maker in Nottingham. He married Sophia Pyne in 1801 in Nottingham, and had Henry (1803), Hannah (1804), Charlotte (1806), Hannah (1808), Sarah (1810), Elizabeth (1812), Henry (1815), Mary (1818), and Thomas (1821). He was married and having children at the same time as Catherine Frost.

Catherine Raynor died and was buried 26 May 1851 at St. Mary, Nottingham.

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Thomas Frost was christened 19 April 1740 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, the son of John Frost and Tabitha Slack. Mansfield is a town about fourteen miles north of Nottingham. It is described as "Prior to the middle of the 18th Century Mansfield was an isolated town, being surrounded by Sherwood Forest which was still populated with footpads and outlaws." In 1828, this description is given "The town is large, lighted with gas, well paved, and the houses are in general well built; the trade is flourishing; participating largely in the manufacture of stockings, bobbin-net and lace thread; considerable business is also transacted in corn and malt; and there are productive coal mines and stone quarries in the neighbourhood." (  

Thomas married Sarah Hempsell 8 December 1763 in Mansfield. Sarah was christened 26 August 1742 in East Markham, Nottinghamshire, the daughter of Joseph Hempsell and Alice Lorrans. Thomas and Sarah had five children in Mansfield, then moved to Nottingham, where they had three more. Thomas died 26 January 1798 in St. Mary, Nottingham. Thomas and Sarah.had the following children:

1. Mary, christened 28 October 1764 in Mansfield.

2. Sarah, christened 12 April 1766 in Mansfield; married Michael Shaw 28 May 1787 in St. Nicholas, Nottingham.

3. Ann, christened 1 January 1768 in Mansfield; married William Platts 23 May 1790 in Mansfield.

4. Elizabeth, christened 5 June 1773 in Mansfield.

*5. Catherine, christened 2 August 1778 in Nottingham; married Samuel Raynor 30 October 1797 in Nottingham; died 26 May 1851 in St. Mary, Nottingham.

6. Joseph, christened 20 August 1782 in Nottingham.

7. Hannah, born in about 1784 in Nottingham; buried 9 February 1786.

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John Frost was christened 5 December 1708, the son of John Frost and Hester Slater. He married Tabitha Slack 26 February 1730 in Mansfield. Tabitha was christened 12 October 1707 in Mansfield, the daughter of Adam Slack and Tabitha Brierley. John died March 1772 in Mansfield. Tabitha died and was buried 24 January 1790 in Mansfield.

 John and Tabitha had the following children:

1. John, christened 23 November 1733 in Mansfield; married Mary Hough 5 December 1768 in Mansfield.

2. George, christened 12 October 1735 in Mansfield; married Elizabeth Hole 13 April 1762 in Mansfield; buried 10 May 1816 in Mansfield.

*3. Thomas, christened 19 April 1740 in Mansfield; married Sarah Hempsell 8 December 1763 in Mansfield; died 26 January 1798 in St. Mary, Nottingham.

4. William, christened 5 August 1742 in Mansfield; married Elizabeth Slack 10 July 1764 in Mansfield; buried 22 June 1814 in Mansfield.

5. Ann, christened 12 November 1743 in Mansfield; married Samuel Herrod 2 August 1768 in Mansfield.

6. Mary, christened 6 September 1745 in Mansfield; married William Savage 17 December 1770 in Mansfield.

7. Sarah, christened 12 October 1746 in Mansfield; buried 22 October 1746 in Mansfield.

8. Sarah, christened 3 June 1748 in Mansfield; married William Morton 6 November 1764 in Mansfield. 

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John Frost was born in about 1670 of Mansfield. He married 1) Grace Emery 16 February 1689 in St. Nicholas, Nottingham. Grace died and was buried 24 April 1704 in Mansfield. He then married 2) Hester Slater 2 October 1704 in Mansfield. Hesther is most likely the daughter of John Slater and Catherine Strutt. Hesther, "wife of John", died and was buried 18 October 1739 in Mansfield. John Senior died and was buried 12 April 1748 in Mansfield.

John had the following children:

1. John, christened 14 January 1690 in Mansfield.

2. Sarah, christened 13 April 1692 in Mansfield.

3. Elizabeth, christened  1 September 1695 in Mansfield.

4. William, christened 27 July 1697 in Mansfield.

John and Hester had the following children:

5. Mary, christened 8 September 1705 in Mansfield.

*6. John, christened 5 December 1708; married Tabitha Slack 26 February 1730 in Mansfield

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