Francis Chambers was born in about 1550 in Mansfield. He was most likely the son of John and Alice Chambers. He married Constance Freeman 20 April 1572 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Francis and Constance had the following children:

*1. Alice (Alles), christened 10 October 1574 in Mansfield; married John Slater 22 January 1598 in Mansfield.

2. William, christened 13 February 1580 in Mansfield.

3. Sara, christened 18 February 1583 in Mansfield.

4. Frances, christened 24 August 1586 in Mansfield.

5. John, christened 22 September 1589 in Mansfield

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John Chambers was born in about 1520 of Mansfield. He married Alys. Alys died in 1564.

John was a churchwarden in Mansfield in 1557: "Thoroton states that "there were in the Church of Mansfield, before the time of Edward VI., ten chantries, whose land the Queen gave this year (1557) in fee to Christopher Grainger, clerk, the vicar, and William Wilde and John Chambers, the churchwardens of the parish church of Mansfield, to sustain one chaplain or priest." (The History of Mansfield)

John is also mentioned in estate records in 1553: "7th Edward VI. Copy of exemplification of a decree in the Court of Augmentations, as to the estate devised by the will of Lady Flogan...
And one other cottage now or late in the tenure and occupatione of John Chambers, in Maunsfielde, aforesaid, of the yearlie ferme of four shillings."

In The History of Mansfield: "A brass plate on a gravestone: Here lyeth the corps of John Chambers and Alys his wyfe, who lived in the feare of God 33 years, and had issue 7 sons and 7 daughters. John departed this life godlily. Alys died 1564."

The names of John and Alys' fourteen children are not listed, but these Chambers are found in early Mansfield records and are likely their children:

1. Agnes, married Thomas Cranshawe 18 October 1562 in Mansfield.

2. Elizabeth, married John Dand 28 November 1562 in Mansfield.

*3. Frauncis, married Constance Freeman 20 April 1572 in Mansfield.

4. Alice, married John Harryson 3 October 1582 in Mansfield.

Other early Chambers in Mansfield were:

  • Matthew Chambers of Mansfield, Innholder left a will proven in 1595.

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