John Shipley was christened 3 April 1651 in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England, the son of William Shipley. John married Ann Long 1 February 1672 in Duffield, Derbyshire. He was listed as being of Shottle, Derbyshire at the time of his marriage. Ann was buried May 1727 in Duffield. John was buried 30 August 1728 in Duffield.

John left a will dated dated 25 March 1727 and proven 22 April 1729.

John Shipley will

Will of John Shipley, 1727

In the name of God Amen, I John Shipley of Shottle in the parish of Duffeild and County of Derby, husbandman, being well in health God be praised yet mindfull of my latter and do make and ordain this my last will and testament in maner and form following: Ffirste I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, hoping through his mercy & the merits of my Saviour to have pardon of my sins, & to inherit everlasting life, & my body I comitt to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executor hereafter named, and as for my temporal estate, wherewith God Almighty hath been pleased to bless me I give and dispose as followeth after my debts and funeral charges are paid and discharged. Impris, I give and bequeath unto my son John the sume of ffive pounds to be paid him by my executor hereafter named within one year after my decease. Item, I give to my son Richard one shilling and to my ffour daughters Anne Milward, Alice Ffowke, Susannah Jackson, and Mary Barnes one shilling each and to be paid to them severally within one year after mydecease all the sole residue and remainder of my personal estate, goods, cattle and chattels whatsoever I give and bequeath unto my oldest son Thomas Shipley whom I make full and sole executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former or other wills or testaments by me heretofore made in witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seal this twenty ffifth day of March in the thirteenth year  of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George by the grace of God of Great Britain, Ffrance and Ireland King, defender of the faith anno dom 1727.

                Shipley signature

John Shipley's signature on his will

A true and perfect inventory of all the goods, cattles & chattels of John Shipley late of Shottle deceased taken and appraised this sixth day of September 1728 by us whose names are hereunto subscribed

Imprimis, His purse & apparel  00 10 00

Item, fire irons 00 02 00

Item, two tables and a cubbard 00 15 00

Item, two coiled chaires 00 03 00

Item, pewter and brass 01 00 00

Item, one bed with bedding  0010 00

Item, a chest  00 06 08

Item, a paire of bedstocks  00 02 00

Item, lumber  00 03 00

03 11 08

William Toplis

Joshua Bowmer

Ralph Allen

                Shipley inventory

Inventory for John Shipley

John and Ann had the following children:

1. Thomas, born about 1673 of Duffield; married Rebecca Allen 26 December 1703 in Duffield; mentioned as executor in father's will of 1727; Thomas left will written 31 May 1732, mentioning wife Rebecca, brother Richard, brother John, sisters Ann, Susannah and Mary. "I give to my sisters Ann Symes, Susanna Jackson & Mary Eaton or to the survivors of them one long table with one buffet to the same belonging, one coiled chair, two pair of bedsteads, one chest, one cupboard, one long chair, five pewter dishes, one tankard, one candlestick, one kettle with one brass pott, all which were formerly my fathers to be equally dived between them immediately after the decease of my loving wife Rebecca Shipley. I give & devise to my brother Richard Shipley all that my farm which I now hold under his grace the Duke of Devonshire to enter at Ladiday next after the decease of my foresaid wife, if the aforesaid Duke of Devonshire or his agents shall think fit to permit my wife to enjoy the same for her life. I give to my brother John Shipley two shillings and six pence.

2. Elizabeth, christened 17 December 1674 in Duffield, "of Cowhouse Lane".  


3. Ann, christened 11 July 1678 in Duffield, "of Shottle"; married Mr. Milward; mentioned in father's will of 1727.

*4. Alice, christened 26 January 1680 in Duffield; married John Foulk of Horsley 12 November 1712 in Duffield; mentioned in father's will of 1727.

                Shipley baptism

   Baptism for Alice Shipley in Duffield: "26 Bapt: Alice the daughter of John Shipley, Shottle".

5. Susannah, born in about 10 November 1683, "de Shottle"; mentioned in father's will of 1727; married Edward Jackson 19 November 1712.

6. John, christened 23 January 1685 in Duffield, "de Shottle"; mentioned in father's will of 1727.

7. Mary, christened 9 June 1688 in Duffield, "of Shottle"; married Thomas Barnes 21 July 1718 in Brailsford, Derbyshire.

8. Richard, christened 27 March 1692 in Duffield, "of Shottle";
mentioned in father's will of 1727.

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William Shipley was christened 6 March 1613 in Duffield, the son of Robert Shipley. William had the following children:


1. Ann, christened 22 December 1644 in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

*2. John, christened 3 April 1651 in Wirksworth; married Ann Long 1 February 1672 in Duffield; buried 30 August 1738 in Duffield.

SOURCES: IGI; Duffield parish register, FHS# 56258.


Robert Shipley married Johanna Stone on 8 July 1610 in Duffield.

                  Shipley marriage

Marriage record for Robert Shipley and Johanna Stone in the Duffield parish register: "mat Robertus Shypley et Johanna Stone".

Robert and Johanna had the following children:

1. Thomas, christened 31 May 1611 in Duffield.


2. John, christened 26 April 1612 in Duffield.


*3. William, christened 6 March 1613 in Duffield.

                  Shipley baptism

  Baptism record for William Shipley: "bapt William filius Roberti Shypley de Shotle baptiz vjth die".

4. Georgina, christened 29 April 1618 in Duffield.


5. George, christened 11 April 1623 in Duffield.


6. Richard, christened 8 July 1629 in Duffield.

SOURCES: IGI; Duffield parish register; Phillimore's Marriage Extracts;

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