Edward Whitacre was christened 21 October 1671 in Duffield, Derbyshire, England, the son of Ralph Whitacre and Frances Mercer. He married Maria in 1693, then 2) Elizabeth Cook 30 November 1700 in All Saints, Derby, Derbyshire. Edward died and was buried 27 September 1727 in Duffield. Edward had the following children:

Edward and Maria had the following children.

1. Edward, christened 1 April 1694 in Duffield, "of Haslewood".

2. John, christened 29 October 1695 in Duffield, "of Chevyn"; listed in brother's will of 1772; occupation yeoman. 

*3. Mary, christened 21 March 1697 in Duffield, "of Chevyn"; married William Cowley 9 June 1731 in Duffield; mentioned in brother Andrew Whitacre's will of 1772, when he left property to his daughter and son-in-law, and "they paying thereout unto my sister Mary Cowley the sum of ffive pounds". 

Mary Whitacre baptism

Baptism for Mary Whitacre from the Duffield parish register: "Bapt. - Maria filia Edvardi Whitacre de Chevyn".


4. Radulphus (Ralph), christened 25 Febuary 1699 in Duffield, "de Chevyn".

Edward and Elizabeth had the following children:

5. Joseph, christened 27 February 1702 in Duffield.

6. Andrew, christened 4 March 1705 in Duffield, listed as "of Hazlewood" in will of 1772; occupation yeoman; will proven 17 April 1775 at Lichfield.

7. John, christened 7 May 1709 in Duffield.

SOURCES: IGI; Wirksworth parish registers on Internet; will of Andrew Whittaker, 1772;; Duffield parish register.



RALPH WHITACRE was born in about 1620 of Duffield, Derbyshire, England. He married Frances or Anna Mercer 18 October 1640 in Edensor, Derbyshire. Ralph is mentioned in an administration for son Josephy Whitacre, husbandman of Duffield in 1710.

Ralph Whitacre signature

   Signature mark of Ralph Whitaker on Administration for Joseph Whitaker

Ralph and Frances had the following children:

1. Ralph, christened 12 October 1664 in Duffield, "of Haslewood".

2. Dorothy, christened 24 November 1666 in Duffield, "of Haslewood".

3. Joseph, christened 14 May 1669 in Duffield, "of Haslewood"; occupation: husbandman; died in about 1710; probate 28 August 1710.

*4. Edward, christened 21 October 1671 in Duffield, "of Chevin"

Edward Whitacre baptism

Baptism record for Edward Whitacre in the Duffield parish register: "Edward ye sonne of Ralph Whittaker of Chevin Bapt".

SOURCES: IGI; Administration of Joseph Whitaker, 1710,; Duffield parish register.


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