Thomas Tudor was christened 10 February 1686 in Upton Magna, Shropshire, the son of Abraham Tyther and Anne Ferrington. The name is shown as Tudor, Tydder, Tidder, Tyther, and Tither in parish records.  Thomas  married Martha Cherme 13 April 1714 in Upton Magna. 

Thomas Tudor marriage

Marriage record for Thomas Tudor and Martha Cherme in Upton Magna:
"Tyther Thomas Tyther and Maretha Cherme were married April 13 1714"

Thomas and Martha had a son born in High Ercall, then moved to Rodington, a nearby parish. Rodington is an agricultural parish about eight miles east of Shrewsbury.

Thomas and Martha had the following children:

1. Richard, christened 1 August 1714 in High Ercall; buried 13 May 1797 "of Roden lane" in High Ercall.

*2. Martha, christened 28 October 1716 in Rodington; married William Hanley 8 October 1739 in Holy Cross parish, Shrewsbury.

Martha Tudor

 Baptism record for Martha Tudor in Rodington: "Martha ye daughter of Thomas Tyther & Martha his wife was baptized October 28th 1714"

3. Anne, christened 22 March 1718 in Rodington.

4. Mary, christened 30 July 1720 in Rodington; married Meredith Rees 12 November 1744 in St. Alkmonds, Shrewsbury.

5. Ezabell, christened 12 December 1728 in Rodington.

Samuel and Margaret Tudor also have children born in the parish at the same time. Samuel may be Thomas' brother. Martha died and was buried 9 September 1761 in Rodington.

Martha Tudor burial

Burial record for Martha Tyther in Rodington

SOURCE: Holy Cross, Shrewsbury parish register; High Ercall parish register; Upton Magna parish register; Rodington parish register on


Abraham Tyther was born in about 1660, and is most likely the son of John and Elizabeth Tidder of High Ercall. "Abraham Tydder de Villa Salopia" married Anna Ferrington "de Payneton" 23 October 1682 in High Ercall.

Abraham Tyther marriage

Marriage record for Abraham Tyther and Ann Ferrington in High Ercall

Anne Ferrington was christened 2 February 1650 in High Ercall, the daughter of John and Alice Ferrington.

Abraham and Anne had the following children:

1. John, christened 6 December 1683 in Upton Magna.

*2. Thomas, christened 10 February 1686 in Upton Magna; married Martha Cherme 14 April 1714 in Upton Magna.

Thomas Tyther baptism

 Baptism record for Thomas Tyther in Upton Magna: "Thomas the sonne of Abram Tyther and Ann his wife
 was baptized Februari the xth 1686"

3. Samuell, christened 11 December 1688 in Upton Magna.

4. Elizabeth, christened 22 March 1690 in Upton Magna.   

Ann Tither died and was buried 2 February 1729 in High Ercall.

Ann Tither burial

Burial record for Ann Tither in High Ercall:
"B  Ann Tither of Rodon was buried twenty second day of February" 1729

"Ab Tither" died and was buried 27 August 1729 in High Ercall.

Abraham Tyther burial

Burial record for Abraham Tither in High Ercall:
"B  Ab Tither was buried the twenty seventh day of August" 1729

SOURCE: Upton Magna parish register; High Ercall parish register on


John Tidder was born in about 1640 in High Ercall. He married Elizabeth. John Tyther is found in the Hearth Money Tax rolls for 1672  in Cold Hatton, a townland in High Ercall, with one hearth.

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

*1. Abraham, born in about 1660 of High Ercall; married Anne Ferrington; buried 27 August 1729.

2. Jane, christened 24 January 1664 in High Ercall "de Rowton"; married William Jackson 21 September 1702 in Wellington.

3. John, christened 27 May 1669 in High Ercall "de Hatton"; married Joanna.

4. Thomas, christened 1 May 1671 in High Ercall "de Cold Hatton"; married 1) Sara; married 2) Elizabeth.  He died 1730 in High Ercall, leaving a will dated 27 October 1730:

In the name of God amen, I Thomas Tidder in the township of Sleap in the parish of Ercol, being sick and weak in body but in perfect mind and memory thanks be given to All mighty God for it do make and ordean this to be my last will and testament.
I leave unto my daughter Elizabeth Tidder one pide cow
I give unto my grandson Thomas Tidder a broad _____  heifer.
I leave unto my grande daughter Margreat Tidder one year ould heifer.
I leave unto my son John Tidder the reast of my catell.
I leave unto my son John my beast shute of cloathes, one table cloth six napkins, two stone of heamp.
I leave him my bead and all that belongs to it, two burrills, a iron pot and cettell and two coffers.
I leave the rest of my goods in the house to my grandson Thomas Tidder.
I leave unto my sister Jane Jackson the sum of one pound two shillings.
It is my will and pleasur that my grandson shall inherit my house.
It is my will that John Ward shall be my exeketor.
This I acknowledge to be my last will and testament where unto I set my hand.
Sealed and delivered in the presence of us
Godfree Cooper
William Jackson

5. Richard, christened June 1678 in High Ercall; married Mary.

"John Tydder de Cold Hatton" was buried 6 July 1688 in High Ercall.

John Tydder burial

Burial record for John Tydder in High Ercall

"Elizabeth Tither of Stafford Lane in the township of Sleap, widow", was buried 30 November 1714 in High Ercall.

Elizabeth Tidder burial

SOURCE: High Ercall parish register on


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