Joseph Harvey was born in about 1650, most likely the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Harvey. He married 1) Margery Wicksdale 12 October 1675 in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury, who died and was buried 30 January 1676 in Wednesbury, then he married 2) Elianor Mountfort 10 April 1678 in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury, Staffordshire, England.

Joseph Harvey marriage

Marriage record of Joseph Harvey and Elianor Mountfort in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury:
"Joseph Harvey and Elianor Mountfort both of this parish were married Apr. ye 10th 1678"

Elianor died and was buried 3 September 1689 in Wednesbury.

Elionor Harvey burial

Burial record for Elianor Harvey in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury:
"Eleonor ye wife of Jo: Harvey was buryed Sept: ye 3d being wound up in woollen only"

Why was Elionor buried in "woollen only"? "For centuries the woollen trade had been important to the wealth and prosperity of England, but with the introduction of new materials and foreign imports, some people thought that the industry was under threat. Many of these sat in Parliament as members whose constituencies were in the woollen cloth and yarn producing areas, or as landowners whose incomes came from rents paid by tenants whose living relied on wool and sheep. They combined together to pass an Act to try and maintain the demand for domestically produced wool. The first Act was passed in 1666, and the second, and rather more famous, in 1678 repealing the first. Its aims were "for the lessening the importation of linen from beyond the seas, and the encouragement of the woollen and paper manufacturer of the kingdom." The Act required that when a corpse was buried it should only be dressed in a shroud or garments made of wool. "No corpse of any person (except those who shall die of the plague) shall be buried in any shift, sheet, or shroud, or anything whatsoever made or mingled with flax, hemp, silk, hair, gold, or silver, or in any stuff, or thing, other than what is made of sheep’s wool only." Failure to comply resulted in a £5 forfeiture. One-half of this went to the informer, the other half to poor of the parish where the body was buried. Within 8 days of the burial, an affidavit had to be provided attesting that the burial complied with the Act. The affidavit had to be sworn in front of a Justice of the Peace or Mayor by two creditable persons. If the parish did not have a JP or Mayor, the parson, vicar or curate could administer the oath. In practice, the affidavit would often be sworn at the same time as the burial and certified by the officiating priest. This Act was obviously unpopular with many people as they wanted to buried in their finery as opposed to a cheaper garment or shroud in an off-white colour and of very thin material. The Act was repealed in 1814, although long before then it had been largely ignored. (

Joseph married 3) Margaret in about 1690.

Joseph and Elianor had the following children:


1. Charles, christened 2 March 1678/79 in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury; married Mary; occupation: nailor; buried 1742 in Wednesbury.

2. Joseph, christened 14 May 1683 in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury; buried 16 February 1684 in Wednesbury.

*3. Anne, christened 17 April 1685 in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury; married John Aston in about 1708; buried 11 February 1757 in Sedgley, Staffordshire. 

Anne Harvey baptism

Baptism record for Anne Harvey in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury:
"Anne Harvey ye d. of Joseph and Elianor Harvey was bapt. Apr. ye 17th"

Joseph (of Wood Green) and Margaret had the following children:

1. Sarah, christened 3 July 1693 in Wednesbury.

2. Hannah, christened 17 May 1696 in Wednesbury.


SOURCE: IGI; Wednesbury parish register online at FreeREGSearch; Wednesbury parish register extracts.


There is no christening record for Joseph Harvey, born in about 1650, but only one family of Harveys has children christened in Wednesbury parish in the right time period to be Joseph Harvey's parents. This is the family of Nicholas and Elizabeth Harvey.

Nicholas Harvey married Elizabeth Barker 14 November 1630 in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury.

Nicholas Harvey

Marriage record for Nicholas Harvey and Elizabeth Barker in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury:
"Nicholas Harvey & Elizabeth Barker were marryed ye xiiijth day of Noveber"

Nicholas and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, christened 2 February 1633 in Wednesbury.

2. Richard, christened 15 January 1636 in Wednesbury; married Elizabeth Dutton 25 August 1673 in Wednesbury; buried 1716 in Wednesbury.

3. Nicholas, christened 25 August 1639 in Wednesbury; married Anne Dearlove 15 October 1671 in Wednesbury; occupation: nailor; buried 14 April 1699 in Wednesbury.

4. Margarett, christened 27 February 1641 in Wednesbury.

*5. Joseph, born in about 1650 in Wednesbury; married Elianor Mountfort 10 April 1678 in Wednesbury.

Nicholas died and was buried 28 April 1670 in Wednesbury.

Nicholas Harvey burial

Burial record for Nicholas Harvey in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury:
"Nicolas Harvey the husband of ______ Harvey was buried the 28 1670"

Elizabeth died 1 March 1678 in Wednesbury.

Elizabeth Harvey burial

Burial record for Elizabeth Harvey in St. Bartholomew, Wednesbury:
"Elizabeth Harvey widdow was buried the first day of March 1678
Joseph Harvey, Dorothy Brook, witnesses to ye affidavit"

SOURCES: Wednesbury parish register online at FreeREGSearch;Wednesbury parish register extracts.

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