Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn was christened 5 October 1603 in Duffield of the townland of Shottle, the son of Robert and Issabell Cartwright alias Matkyn. He married Ellen.

Robert died in 1661, leaving a will written in September 1661 and proven 20 December 1661. His will mentions "my sonns John and Robert and my daughter Issabell" "my sonne William" and "Ellen my wief".

Robert Cartwright alias Matkin will

Will of Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1661

Robert Cartwright als Matkyn of Duffield, 20 Dec 1661
September 1661
I Robert Cartwright als Matkyn of Shottle in the pishe of Duffield his will doth give unto my wieff and to my sonne John all my possessions and goods for and during hir naturall life and afterward and then my sonnes John and Robert are to have the rest equally devided betwixt them and after hir desease I do give unto him all my possession paymint his brother Robert ten pound and paying xx markes more to his sister Isabell and he is to keepe his brother William with food drink and that so longe as they can agree  togeather. If they cannot agree togeather then is he to give him xl  a yeare and dureing his life and it is for to giv to his brother Robert or either his duty please him best. And I do give my sonns John and Robert and my daughter Issabell all my possessions and goods equally devided amongst them. Issabell to have her xx markes payd her when she comes to her age as he will pay her consideratun for it folowing as he keeps it after and Robert is to have his xl paid him two yeares after his sister comes to her age. And Issabell is to have one twyn heifer to be delivered to her one yeare after she comes to her age. And Ellen Cartwright is to have those sheep that have at her owne disposing. And I do give to my sonne William five pounds to bee paid him two years after my decease to have as his owne disposing  payd him by my sonne John. And I make Ellen my wife and John my sonne executors. 
The mark of Robert Cartwright
In the psence of Thomas Shipley, John Toples

An inventory was taken of Robert's possessions 9 October 1661:

Robert Matkyn alias Cartwright

A true and pfect inventory of all the goods, cattell & chattells which the sayd Robert Matkin alias Cartwright died possessed of, beinge praysed by Thomas William, Thomas Shipley and John Toplasse the 9th day of October Anno Dom 1661

Imprimis, his purse and apparel  1  6  8
In the house
Item, Brasses and pewter  1  10  0
Item, Wooden ware in the house  0  10  0
Item, Butter and cheese  1  0  0
In the parloure
Item, Bedinge and all goods in that roome besides as chafer & cofers and linen 3  10  0
The shop & what belongeth to it  8  0  0
Item, Hay and corne  11  0  0
Item, foure kine & one heffer  10  0  0
Item, a horse  3  0  0
Item, 9 sheepe and 3 lambs  1  3  4
Item, a swine  0  15  0
Item, 3 dayes workd as grasse    1  20  0
Item, a lease  8  0  0
52  4  8

After Robert's death, he is mentioned in the will of his brother Henry Matkyn alias Cartwright, a weaver of Duffield, written  6 October 1668: "My brother Robert Matkin children thirty pounds to be equally divided amongst them." In 1670 Henry adds an addendum leaving Robert's children thirty pounds more. His will also mentions "I give to eight silenced ministers foure poundes" and "I leave to the poore of Duffield to make that up that hath been payd frome the house wherein I now live six pounds a peace for twentie poore pepooll upon Saint Thomas Day for ever".


Robert and Ellen had the following children:

1. John, christened 14 September 1638 in Duffield; mentioned in father's will of 1661; a will was left by John Matkyn alias Cartwright, weaver of Shottle in Duffield parish in 1673. He leaves bequests to his wife Ffrances and daughters Anna and Sarah. Edward Bramley was named as one of his executors..

2. Robert, christened 26 April 1642 in Duffield; mentioned in father's will of 1661; married Sibella; had children Samuel, Joseph, Mary and Grace; Robert held a copyhold in the Manor of Duffield in 1671; buried 14 March 1706 in Duffield. Robert was mentioned in the will of his father-in-law Robert Clay in 1678. 

*3. Isabell, born about 1644; mentioned in father's will of 1661; married Edward Bramley 18 April 1664 in Duffield.

4. William, mentioned in his father's will of 1661.

SOURCE: Will of Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1661; will of Henry Matkyn alias Cartwright, 1670; will of John Matkyn alias Cartwright, 1673;


The Mercer Library has a 1607 copy of the Book of Common Prayer (4th edition), bound with a Bible. One page includes family information for the Matkin alias Cartwright family.

Samuel Matkin prayer book

Top of page in family Book of Common Prayer

Samuel Matkin alias Cartwright departed this Life the 21st of June in the year of our Lord God 1738, aged about 73 years.
Saml: Cartwright above was the son of (blank) Cartwright the Puritan who was killed in a uncontre with the Caviliers, going to or from a Conventicle in the vicinity of Duffield in Derbyshire, leaving a widow and a son (the above Saml). The widow afterwards married to R Matkin and from political fears of the times in respect of the fathers party, her eldest son was brot up and always after continued to go by the name of the stepfather (Matkin) instead of Cartwright.
Of his children Joseph the second on coming to maturity took on him his proper name of Cartwright. He  married first ______ widow living 1790, second ____ Owens at Nottingham, had issue by her
1st son Robert who left two sons William & Robert  & a daughter Lucy at Nottingham
2. George William born Nov 4th 1753 (daughter Alice, Sarah) records St. Mary Nottingham
3. Harry died childless in London.
2nd son George William married Elizabeth A. Welles Feb 3 1785. Born June 17 1763.
Have only child George William born Nov 4 1785. Record Sa. John Zachary, St. Anne, City of London
George William Cartwright married Aug 1818. Louisa Anne Yates born Oct 22 1788. Record St. Mary Lamb
Their issue:
1st. George William born May 17th 1819. Died Sep 8 1820, at Sing Sing New York. Record 1st Geo Wm, Trinity Ch, New York
2. Louisa Elizabeth born Nov 27th 1820.
3. George William Dec 31st 1821
4. Elizabeth Anne April 11 1823
5. Mary Welles Aug ? 1828
George William & Louisa Anne his wife removed to New York May 1819 from Mawby Place Lambeth
George William son of Joseph died Sep 13 1812. Buried St. John Zachary & St. Anns
Elizabeth Anne his wife died Aug 8th 1825. Buried some place.
George William Cartwright died at Sing Sing June 12th 1867 aged 81 years 7 m d days
Louisa Anne Cartwright died at Sing Sing March 10th 1875 aged 86 years 4 m 15 days
Mary Welles Cartwright died at Sing Sing March 10th 1875 aged 46 years 7 m 2 days
Louisa Elizabeth Cartwright died at Sing Sing October 17th 1901 aged 80 years 11 m 20 days
Elizabeth Anne Cartwright died at Sing Sing May 4 1905 aged 82 years 24 days

Samuel Matkin prayer book

Bottom of page in family Book of Common Prayer

Samuel Matkin alias Cartwright being ye eldest son of Roberd Matkin was about 18teene yeares olde in ye raigne of Charles ye 2. God Save ye King.
Samuel Matkin & Grace his wife married April 28: 1698.
1.    Our first son Samuel born Feb 27 1709 about 3 ye night after.
2.    Son Joseph born July 11: 1701 about 8 at night.
Elizabeth born May 2 1704, between 2 and 3 in ye morning. She died Feb 12 at 8 in the morning 1720/21.
Timothe born 1706 March 1 about one in ye morning.
Grace Matkin born Oct 21: 1709 about 5 at night
Samuel the first son above mentioned married ______. Their issue one daughter only who married ____ Dennison to whom Samuel passed the family estates, by getting the entail cut off from his brother Joseph by act of parliament which he had to use his proper name of Cartwright. Records at Duffield Cottage, Derbyshire.
Robert he died August the ninth 1678.
Roberd Clay dyed August the 9th 1678, he which first brought this book first to this hous.

The Samuel Matkin alias Cartwright mentioned at the top of the page is the son of Robert Matkin alias Cartwright, and was christened 1662 in Duffield. He died in 1738, leaving a will mentioning his wife Grace, sons Samuel, Joseph and Timothy, and daughter Grace.

The Robert Clay mentioned at the bottom of the page as dying in 1678 was Robert Matkin alias Cartwright's father-in-law, the father of Sibbella his wife. Robert Clay left a will mentioning his son Robert Clay, his son's wife Sarah, his eldest daughter Elizabeth, his younger daughter Hannah, his daughter Sibbella and her husband Robert Matkin, and Robert and Sibbella's sons Samuel and Joseph (their second son), and daughter Grace. Robert Matkin and Robert Clay are named as executors for the will.

The story about Robert (Samuel's father) using the name of Matkin instead of Cartwright is a bit confusing, as the family started using the name of Matkin alias Cartwright some time after the death of William Cartwright in 1587 and before the deaths and subsequent wills of his sons William and Robert Matkin alias Cartwright in 1620-1630. The story on the Bible page may have been family lore to explain the name change.

The biggest mystery is the story about Samuel's father, a Puritan, being killed by a Cavalier (Royalist) soldier coming home from a conventicle (an unlawful religious meeting) in Duffield. Samuel's father Robert (christened 1643) died and was buried in 1706, a bit late for a Puritan/Cavalier conflict. The English Civil War was 1642-51, followed by Cromwellian rule from 1653 to 1659. In 1660 Charles II became the new monarch. The Cavalier Parliament was in power from 1661 to 1679. The Toleration Act was passed in 1689 in England, granting freedom of worship to Nonconformists. It is more likely that it was Samuel's grandfather, also named Robert Matkin alias Cartwright (christened 1603) who died in 1661, just after Charles took the throne. Robert (1603) is mentioned in his brother Henry's will in 1670, and Henry also makes comments related to a bequest to "eight silenced ministers" which may show Nonconformist beliefs on his part. Samuel was descended from three generations of Robert Matkin alias Cartwrights, and the story may have been applied to the wrong Robert. It is most likely that, if the family story is true, the Puritan killed by a Cavalier was Samuel's grandfather Robert Matkin Alias Cartwright (christened 1603), husband of Ellen, who died in 1661.


Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn was born in about 1575 of Shottle in the parish of Duffield, and is most likely the son of William Cartwright. He married Issabell. His occupation was webster, or weaver.

Robert Cartwright burial

Burial record of Robert Cartwright alias Matkin in Duffield: "bur: Robt. Matkin alias Cartwright of Shottle was buried ye 24th day".

He died and was buried 24 June 1630, and left a will dated 17 April 1630:

Robert Cartwright als Matkyn will

Will of Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1630

In the name of God Amen, I Robert Cartwright als Matkyn of Shottle in the parishe of Duffeld and in Countie of Derbie, webster, do make this my last will and testament in manner and forme as followeth: I beinge, the Lord be praised in perfect sense and memorie thoughe somewhat weake in bodie. Imprimis, I give and bequeath my soule to God my maker and to Jesus Christe my redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the parrishe church yarde of Duffeld and all the rest of my worldy goodes I give and bequeath as hereafter following, Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my sonne Thomas Cartwright alias Matkyn 102 pence. Item I give and bequeath to my sonne Henry Cartwright als Matkyn 102 pence. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Anne Cartwright als Matkin 102 pence. Item, I give and bequeath all the sheepe which are mine ownd unto my wife Issabell Cartwright alias to due with them what she will. And And as for the rest of my goodes quick and dead whatsoever I doe wholie give them to my wife Issabell Cartwright als Matkyn and to my sonne Robert Matkyn als Cartwright and to my sonne William Cartwright als Matkyn, and I do make my sonne Robert Cartwright als Matkyn my full and sole executor of this my last will and testament. And I doe make Henrie Cartwright als Matkyn and Wm. Cartwright als Matkyn supervisors of the same and give to each of them wyd for there paynes, my funeral discharged, my debts paid. In witness where of I the said Robert Cartwright als Matkyn have unto this my last will and testament sett my hand and seale the seaventeenth daie of April in the first yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles King of England, Scotland, Ffrance and Ireland, defender of the faith, Anno Dom 1630.

Robert Cartwright alias Matkin

Inventory for Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1630

An inventory was made of Robert's possessions 3 July 1630:

Here is a true and pfect inventorie of the goods of Robert Cartwright in the pishe of Duffeld and Countie of Derby made the third daie of Julie in the yeare of the Lord God 1630 in manner and forme as heare followeth:
Item, his purse and his wearing apparel
Item, his feather bed, one mattress, 3 boulsters and 1 pillowe
Item, seven paire of sheetes, 2 pillowbeares and 1 napkyn
Item five coverletts, 3 blanketts
Item, three bedsteads
Item, 2 coffers
Item, a borde and a panne
Item, an amuberie
Item, the wodden ware usuale worne in the house as chaires, stooles, xxx, and bowes and all such like
Item, 3 paire of loomes and geares and all other furniture belonging hereto
Item, brasse and pewter
Item, iron ware
Item fower kyne and a calfe
Item, beste
Item, a pigg
Item, all the fether foule
Item, the manor aboute the house
Item, all the corne on the ground

Robert is mentioned in the will of his brother William Cartwright alias Matkyn, weaver of Osmaston by Ashbourne, Derbyshire, written in 1620: "Item, to Robert Cartwright my brother twentie poundes". William also mentions "my brother John". William wanted to be buried in the churchyard of Duffield, and left money to compensate the men for their pains in transporting his remains from Osmaston to Duffield.

Robert and Issabell had the following children:

1. Henry, christened 6 February 1599 in Duffield; mentioned in father's will of 1630.

2. Robert, christened the same day as Henry, 6 February 1599, must have died young.

3. William, christened 9 February 1601 in Duffield; buried 9 November 1602 in Duffield, "of Shottle".

*4. Robert, christened 5 October 1603 in Duffield, "de Shottle"; married Ellen; mentioned in father's will of 1630; died and left a will himself in 1661.

Robert Cartwright baptism 1603

Baptism record for Robert Cartwright: "bapt Robertus filius Robert Cartwright de Shottle baptized".

5. William, christened 9 March 1604 in Duffield, "de Shottle"; mentioned in father's will of 1630.

6. Anne, christened 21 May 1607 in Duffield, "de Shottle"; mentioned in father's will of 1630.

7. Thomas, mentioned in father's will of 1630.

SOURCE: IGI; Duffield parish register; will of Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1630, on; will of William Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1620.


William Cartwryght was born in about 1540 of Duffield. He married Kateren. His occupation was webster, or weaver.  William died and left a will proven 19 December 1589, which named:

It is interesting to note that William goes by the name Cartwright in his will of 1589, but both sons Robert and William are shown as Cartwright alias Matkyn in their wills of 1620 and 1630, and the name continues for several generations. Alias in this case might be used to differentiate from a family of the same name, to acknowledge a change of name, or to acknowledge an inheritance.

William Cartwright 1589

Will of William Cartwryght, 1589

In the name of God Amen, the xxvijth of October in the xxxth yeare of the raygne of our most gratiose souvereign Ladye Elyzabeth by the grace of God of England, Ffrance and Ireland,queene, defender of the fayth, I Willm Cartewryght of Duffield in the county of Derby, Webster, deseased in bodye but of good & pfyct mynde & remembrance, I thanke God, institute, ordayne & make thys my last wyll & testament in maner and forme following, ffyrst I geve & bequethe my sole to Almyghty God my maker & to Jesus Christ my redeemer, and my bodye to be buryed in Duffield church yarde wheresoever it shall please my executors heareafter named. Also, my wyll and mynd is that John Cartewryght my eldyste sone shall have these goods both quicke & deade which is his owed, geven bothe by me & other of his frends, knowne both by himself his mother & my other executors. Item, I geve to Robt Cartewryght my second sone, fyve pounds of lawfull Englysh mony in full recompense of his chylde pte. Item, I geve to Willm Cartewryght my third sonne xijd in recompense of his chylde pte, & also I geve to Thomas Fletcher my son in law & Margreat his wyfe other xijd in recompense of her chylde pts, & furthermore I geve to my afforesayd eldest sone John halfe my workinge toles as lomes, geres & halfe of all that belongeth to my occupation pvyded always that the brode lome is to be devyded equallye amongst all my fore children, viz John, Robt, Willm & Henrye Cartewryght. Also I geve to Kateren Cartewryght my wife all my byes, the greatest brasse pott & my second brasse pan& I geve to my son Henry Cartewryght my greatest brasse pan, and finally my wyll it that I be I be honestlye brought home & my funeral expenses discharged of the whole of my goods, and all the rest of all my goods, bothe moveable & unmoveablye I geve the whollye to the afforsayd Katheren my wyfe & Henrye my son who I ordayne & make my trew & lawfull executors & I desire Mr Willm Bradshaw of Duffeld & Mr Willm Bradshaw of Derby to bee (overseers).
Detts oweinge to me, viz. Willm Cartewryght my sone oweth to me xls wanting iiijd.
In wyttnes thereof
Mr Willm Bradshaw
& Raphe Compton

William Cartwright inventory

William Cartwryght inventory

A trew inventorye of all the goods and cattell that dyd belonge or appertayne unto Willm Cartewryght deseassed, sene and praysed the vith day of August ano Regina Elyzabth, xxxith 1589 by Mr Willm Bradshaw of Duffeld and Mr WillmBradshaw of Derby, Thomas Grand, an Raph Compton.

Imprimis thrye kyne, and halfe of thrye calves to  - vil xiijs iijd
Item one twyntes heyfor and one year ould calfe - xl vis viijd
Item one butt - xxxs
Item one swine & tow pygge xs
Item for byees vs
Item for puter and brass & maslyn xls
Item one ould amlrye, a borde, a forme & tressles, cheres, stoles, shelfes, kytte lomes, fats, tubs, bedstyddes, and all other wooden ware xxs
Item for cosves vs
Item fore matteresses, tow blankets, fore coverlydds, thryes wyndowsheetes, fyve pare of sheetes &boulsters, pyllowes and pyllowbeares vl xs
Item sayer chushins iijs
Item his working  owne geares & instarments xls
Item corne and hay xls
Item his apperall and one Edward shyllinge in his purse xs
Item one iron spytt, a land yron & other iron ware ijs
Som totals xxiiijl xiiijs

Katherine died and was buried 15 January 1610 in Duffield.

William and Kateren had the following children:

1. John, mentioned in father's will of 1589; mentioned in brother's will of 1620.

*2. Robert, married Issabell; occupation webster; mentioned in father's will of 1589; called Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn of Duffield is his will dated 17 April 1630.

3. William, occupation weaver; has sons Anthonie, Thomas and Robert, daughter Hellen; mentioned in father's will of 1589; called William Cartwright alias Matkyn of Osmaston in his will of 1620.

4. Margreat; married Thomas Fletcher; mentioned in father's will of 1589.

5 Henrye, mentioned in father's will of 1589.

Kateren died and was buried 15 January 1610 in Duffield.

Katheren Cartwright burial

Burial record for Kateren Cartwright in Duffield: "bur Katherina Cartwright de Duffield wid sepult xv die".

SOURCE: Duffield parish register; Will of William Cartwryght, 1589; will of Robert Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1630; will of William Cartwright alias Matkyn, 1620, on


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