Henry Hall was born in about 1550, the son of Robert Hall. He married 1) unknown; then 2) Elizabeth Rolleston in about 1573 in Leicestershire.

Elizabeth was born in about 1553 in Leicestershire, the daughter of Richard Rolleston and Elizabeth Ballard. Elizabeth's mother, also named Elizabeth, married Robert Hall after the death of her husband, becoming Henry Hall's stepmother. This brought Henry into a close relationship with his Elizabeth Rolleston, his step-sister, and the two married.

Henry was involved in a complaint filed by William Ballard against Henry and his mother-in-law (and stepmother) Elizabeth on 12 November 1594. William Ballard was Elizabeth's brother.

"Of Wymeswold, Leicestershire, gent. About 40 years ago he was seized in fee tayle of a certain capital messuage and divers lands in Ratcliffe on Trent in Nottinghamshire of the yearly value of £40 and above. He granted the same to one Rolleston, gent. of Ratcliffe, now deceased and Elizabeth, his then wife, and their assigns, during the lifetime of Elizabeth, at a yearly rent of £4 - 10 shillings. At the time of the lease, there were in the mansion house several parcels of goods and household stuffs to the value of £40 and above, belonging to the plaintiff. However he was content that they should remain in the house for the use of the Rollestons, but that they should deliver them to Ballard and his assigns if asked to do so. After Rolleston's death, Elizabeth married Robert Hall, now also deceased, who lived in the property until his death. He was also seized of a property in the Manor of Cortlingstocke (Costock) in the County of Nottingham, with appurtenances and various closes and pasture grounds. In return for living in the property above, with Elizabeth, Robert Hall granted the plaintiff certain closes or pasture ground in Costock called the Rough Close, the Middle Close and the House Close, to have during the time that Robert and Elizabeth Hall should enjoy the property in Ratcliffe on Trent. He had the lands until the death of Robert when Elizabeth, still living in Ratcliffe and Henry Hall, son and heir of Robert, took back the lands and denied him possession and the yearly rents and profits. Elizabeth has also handed over some of the goods and household stuffs, before mentioned, to persons unknown. He has asked the Halls several times, in a friendly manner, to restore to him the closes and pasture grounds. They maintain that he held the lands by virtue of a private agreement between himself and Robert Hall, Elizabeth only acting as a witness. He has also asked her to deliver the goods and household stuffs, but she has refused. He cannot prove his lease, or the existence of the household goods, because of the lack of witnesses (most being dead). Asks for a writ of subpoena to Elizabeth and Henry for them to answer the bill of complaint." (Bill of Complaint of William Ballard of Ratcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire v. Elizabeth Hall)

Henry and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Thomas

*2. Elizabeth, born about 1585 in Costock; married Richard Wigley 14 April 1605 in Costock, Nottinghamshire.

3. Benjamin

4. Robert

5. Henry

6. Jane, married Edward Lowe.

SOURCES: Bill of Complaint of William Ballard of Ratcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire v. Elizabeth Hall; Will of Elizabeth Hall of Costock, 1609, Prerogative Court of Canterbury;




Robert Hall was born in about 1520 of Costock. He married the widow Elizabeth (Ballard) Rolleston. Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward Ballard and Katherine Noble. She had married Richard Rolleston in about 1549, having six children. Some time after 1559 Richard Rolleston died, and Elizabeth married Robert Hall.

Robert was mentioned in a history of Costock: "Robert Hall purchased also of John Horton, and Mary his Wife, who had Licence to alienate four Mess.two Cotag. six Tofts, six Gardens, four Orchards, three Hundred Acres of Land, &c. 22 Sept. 9 Eliz. (1567) and had a Recovery in Michaelmas Term, at which Time there were others for less Parcels, as John Leek, and William Bolton, against William Leek; and the same against Robert Leek, who called, &c. John Bowes." (British History Online: Costock)

Elizabeth died as a widow, leaving a will written 4 September 1606 and proven 23 June 1609. The will provides information about the family relationships.

Elizabeth Hall will

Will of Elizabeth Hall of Costock, 1609

In the name of God Amen, the fourteenth day of September in the year of our Lord God One Thousand Six Hundred and Six and the fourth yeare of the reigne of our most gratious Sovereigne Lord James by the grace of God king of England Ffrance and Ireland and of Scotland the ffortith Defender of the fayth etc. I Elizabeth Hall of Costock in the Countie of Nottingham widdow being at this instant of good and perfect remembrance (I hartily prayse god therefore) doe ordayne and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following. Ffirst I commit my soule unto the most mercifull protection and tuition of Almighty God that made it hoping to be saved and to lye for ever with the blessed company of Angells in heaven by no other wayes or meanes than by the only death passion mediation and intersession of the most dere sonne of God Christ Jesus myne only redeemer lord and Saviour. And my body I commytt to the earth from whence it came and whereof it was made there to be buried where it shall please my trustie and wellbeloved sonne Edward Rollestone and my sonne in law Henry Hall to appoint and think meete both whom I constitute and make of this my last will myne only Executors. Item my funeral expenses discharged and all my debts well and truly satisfied contented and payd I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Rolleston the daughter of my sonne Edward Rolleston one fetherbed and mattrice one boulster three pillows two pillow-beeres three blankets two coverlets and one bed covering all which are the furniture belonging and usually arranged with and unto the bedstedd standing in the parlour wherein I commonly lye. Item I give and bequeathe unto Thomas Hall sonne of Henry Hall my sonne in law and unto his heires as heire-loomes for ever one goblet double gylt one counterpoynt used to ly upon the bedsted standing in the dyning chamber one presse to lay cloathes in of waynscott A table commonly called a counter conteyning in it a chest to lay clothes in one greate double chest one morter and a pestle one crowe of iron one greate spitt one payre of lanndornes a leade to brine in one mash fatt one trough to powder meate in two cheese-waights the one of leade the other of stone, and one little table now having a close stoole joyned underneath the same. Item I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Wigley daughter of my sonne in lawe Henry Hall one stone pott tipped and footed with silver and gylt. Provyded always that Elizabeth Hall my daughter mother of the sayd Thomas Hall have the using and occupation of all those things during her naturall life without making any wilfull waste or distruction of them or any of them Item I give and bequeathe unto Jane Hall one chest standing in the parlour wherein I now lye. Item I give and bequeathe unto Elizabeth Rollestone one chest standing in the parlour wherein I now lye. The residue of my goodes being all or the most part in money the certain and expresse somme whereof I cannot now sett downe because the most parte thereof is due and owing unto me by other men and so may either increase in my lyfe tyme or otherwise diminish and be lesse then I nowe take it to bee, being not able to be getten in by my Executors after my decease I will and require to be equally divided into sixteen parts: whereof I will and require that Ffrancis Rollestone my sonne because he hath no childe or children shall have one equall part to his owne proper use and behoofe. Item I will and require that Edward Rollestone my sonne shall have three partes of my goodes being devided into sixteen partes as aforesaid to dispose of as he himself shall think good in consideration of the greate charge my sonne Edward Rolleston hath bene at in the bestowing in marriage and otherwise preferring of Richard Rolleston Arthur Rolleston and Elizabeth Ayares his children. Item I will and require that Thomas Hall Beniamyne Hall Robert Hall Henry Hall Elizabeth Wigley and Jane Hall being all the children of my daughter Elizabeth Hall shall have six equall partes of my goodes so devyded as aforesaid to their owne severall and proper use and behoofe. Item I will and require that Henry Bannister Thomas Bannester Jane Bannester Anne Bannoster and Elizabeth Bannester being all the children of my daughter Anne Bannester shall have fyve equall partes of my goodes being devyded into sixteen partes to their owne proper and severall use and behoofe. Item I will and bequeath that Elizabeth Rolleston daughter of my sonne William Rollestone deceassed shall have one equal part of my goodes being devyded as aforesaid to her owne proper use and behoofe to be payd unto her by my Executors when she shall accomplish the age of fower and twentie yeares or at the day of her marriage which shall first happen and come to passe But yf she marry without the consent and good liking of my Executors either before her age of fower and twenty yeares or after or depart this world unmarried Then my will and desire is that shee content her self and rest satisfied only with that portion that her ffather hath bequeathed it unto her in his will And then my will is that that parte and portion which she should have had of my goodes shalbe at the only disposing of my Executors. In witness whereof I have putt to my hand and seale the day and yeare above written. The marke of Elizabeth Hall. Witnesses Gabriell Hobbe The marke of Richard Lane, William Howson the marke of Richard Beadmore./

Robert Hall and an unknown wife had the following children:

*1. Henry, born in about 1550; married Elizabeth Rolleston

2. Anne, born in about 1552; married Mr. Bannister

Elizabeth and Richard Rolleston had the following children:

1. Edward

2. William

3. Francis

*4. Elizabeth; married Henry Hall.

5. Margaret

6. Joyce

SOURCES: Will of Elizabeth Hall of Costock, 1609, Prerogative Court of Canterbury;; British History Online: Costock.