Isabell Fulwood married Owen Aston 15 October 1615 in Sedgley, Staffordshire, England. Owen was a nailor or nailmaker. Isabell died and was buried 12 March 1662 in Sedgley: "Buried Izabell, widow of Owen Astan, Ettings.". Owen and Isabell had the following children: Ann (1616), James (1618), Robert (1620), Mary (1624), William (1625), and Elizabeth (1629) in Sedgley.

No christening record has been found for Isabell. Her husband was born in about 1578. Isabell was probably born between 1578 and 1595. There were several Fulwood families having children in Sedgley in the right time period:

It is possible that Isabel Fulwood was the daughter of any of these Fulwoods, since she was born within the right time frame.

The following children were christened in Sedgley during a time when the parent's name was not recorded:

Since the pattern of births is so regular, every two years, they may all be the children of the same parents. John Fulwood could be the father, as he is listed as the father of Agnes in 1598. If so, then John is the father of at least eight children, including the brothers Thomas, Richard, and William. Isabell may have been the daughter of John and Maud Fulwood.

Two other Fulwoods are shown in early parish records:

Many of the Fulwoods are from the village of Coseley. There is a location in Coseley named Fullwoods End. There was a colliery named Fullwoods End Colliery in Coseley. Perhaps Fullwoods End was the ancestral homeland of the Fulwoods.

Sedgley is included in A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3, and only one Fulwood family is listed in the parish. The families were listed in the "Paroche de Segeley the Sounday afore Wytsondy" or in the parish of Sedgley the Sunday before Whit Sunday, 1532. The Fulwood family is listed in the townland of Woodsetton.


John Fullwod, Margery, uxor eius, Henry, Christian, Elizabeth, Agnes.

This is the family of John Fullwood, his wife Margery, and children Henry, Christian, Elizabeth and Agnes. John died and was buried in 1559. Henry is likely the same Henry who was buried in 1558.

SOURCE: Sedgley parish register;; A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford 1532-3.


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