John Eykin was christened 3 April 1587 in High Ercall. At this time, the parents' names were not listed on the christening record. The most likely parents are George and Joanne Eykin, who are the only Eykins having children christened in High Ercall a few years later when the parents' names were listed. John married Martha. He was a husbandman of Paynton. John died and was buried 30 October 1643 in High Ercall.

John Eykin burial

Burial record for John Eykin in High Ercall: "John Eykin of Paynton husbandman was
buryed the xxxth day of October 1643.

Martha married again to Mr. Worrall, who must have died. She is listed as "Martha Worrall" at the marriage of her daughter Alice in 1655. Martha died and was buried 22 August 1671 in High Ercall as Martha Worrall "de Paynton, vidua" or of the townland of Paynton in High Ercall, widow.

Martha Eykin Worrall burial

Burial record for Martha Worrall, widow in High Ercall

John and Martha had the following children:

*1. Alice, christened 31 March 1633 in High Ercall; married John Ferrington 29 September 1655 in High Ercall.

Alice Eykin baptism

 Baptism record for Alice Eykin in High Ercall: "Anno dom 1633 Alice Eyken daughter of John
Eyken of Paynton and of Martha his wife was baptized the last day of March 1633"

2. Anne, christened 1 November 1635 in High Ercall.

SOURCE: High Ercall parish register on


George and Joanne Eykin are most likely John Eykin's parents, as they are the only couple having children in the parish at the right time. Joanne died and was buried 14 January 1622 in High Ercall. George died and was buried six days later, on January 20 1622 in High Ercall.

George Eykin
 Burial record for George Eyken in High Ercall: "George Eyken of Paynton was buried the xxth day of Januarie 1622"

George and Joanne had the following children:

1. William, christened 3 August 1594 in High Ercall (no parents listed).

*2. John, christened 3 April 1587 in High Ercall (no parents listed).    

John Eykin baptism

Baptism record for John Eykin in High Ercall: "Jhon Eakin of Peington cristond the second day of Apill"

3. Anne, christened 19 March 1597 in High Ercall; shown as daughter of George Ekin.

4. George, christened 6 April 1599 in High Ercall; shown as son of George Eyken.

SOURCE: High Ercall parish register on

Other early Eykens in High Ercall include:

SOURCES: High Ercall parish register on; will of Reinholde Eykin, 1604; will of Richard Hycken, 1558, on


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